Reid - Oil of Quartz

Oil of Rose Quartz extracted via the Alkahest of the Vegetable Kingdom

It might seem impossible that such a menstruum could have any effect on quartz. Quartz is composed of silicon and it is one of the least reactive elements on the periodic chart. In fact, acids such as nitric, sulfuric, and hydrochloric have little to no effect on silicon. This element is attacked only by fluorine and chlorine gas and partially by aqua regia. Silicon is naturally broken down by oxygen and water, but during the process the secondary harder substance of silicon dioxide is made.

Yet the alchemist who follows nature knows how to get to the oil hidden within this protective armor. This oil is the soul of quartz and it is a wonderful medicine. One can also indeed extract the soul from all sorts of gemstones using alchemical methods. It is also a fact that the oils produced are completely harmless and not toxic. I and many friends have used tincture of rose quartz with great satisfaction. The increase in physical and mental energy was unmistakable. The men who used it also found that it increased their virility.

In order to perform an extraction of the soul on rose quartz, proceed as follows.

Take one pound of rose quartz and break it up into pieces the size of quarters. Place the pieces in a crucible and heat them at 600 to 800 degrees centigrade for one hour. Using a pair of tongs take the crucible out while still red hot. Dump the contents of the crucible into a steel pitcher containing distilled water. After twenty minutes drain the water and put the pieces into a warm crucible. Place the crucible back into the kiln. Heat the quartz pieces as you did before and then dump them into water. After numerous times you will see that the quartz has begun to turn white. When it is completely white you will be able to actually break the quartz apart easily with you bare hands. Be careful of the sharp slivers of quartz because they can cut your hand badly.

Grind this quartz to a fine white sand. Place the ground quartz into an Erlenmeyer flask and pour over it your alkahest. Place a cork in the flask and seal it with wax. Digest the flask in a 40 degrees centigrade incubator for four to six weeks. At the end of this time your menstruum will be a light yellow to dark orange in color. Allow the flask to cool but keep it sealed. Set the flask in a cool dark place for two weeks.

Break the seal and decant the liquid off of the crystals. Filter the resultant liquid twice and then pour it into a distillation flask. Place the flask into a water bath and gently distill off your menstruum. Please note that you schould have the receiver in an ice bath to insure that you lose none of your spirit. The thick oil left in the distillation flask is the concentrated oil or soul of rose quartz. Place it into an amber-colored glass and stopper it well. Use one to two drops in a glass of wine to receive the full effects of the crystal's power.

Note: You can use a soxhlet apparatus under vacuum to perform the extraction of the soul as well. This will cut the extraction time down to one week.