The Impossibility of Communication

Assigning different identities to different aspects of the same structure is most commonly experienced in interpersonal relationships. During the initial rush of love, all perceptions that trouble the purity of the relationship is repressed. Admonitions from friends and family to watch where you are giving your heart are ignored as utterly irrelevant to the paragon identified with all the virtues of true love, and none of the vices. When dissonant aspects of the loved one appear from behind the Veils of Maya, they are perceived to belong to another person, a stranger in your home and a devil in your bed.

Unable to conceive that pleasure and pain can come from the same parent, infants perceive a good true-parent and a wicked step-parent. Most people still cannot identify God with the devil, nor can they perceive that Heaven and hell are complementary aspects of one real world.

The Latin mind has no imprinted concept of the English SCHWA sound. Without the mental concept, the Latin ear cannot distinguish between his and hees. The sound of big activates the concept of beeg, and beeg is what the Latin mind hears. Likewise, the Japanese mind has no imprint for the ell sound; in the Japanese mind, the elle sound is heard as arr.

Male and female mentalities are imprinted with different concepts making it physically impossible for the opposite sex to receive the same message that is sent. Communication between sexes is like communication between different species. No matter how many times arguments are settled, the very next argument is the very same argument. Acquiescence is not agreement, but resignation and tolerance of the incomprehensible.

[Source: T.B.Pawlicki - Exploring Hyperspace in Everyday Life]