Hollandus - A Work of Saturn

My child shall know, that the Stone called the Philosopher's Stone, comes out of Saturn. And therefore when it is perfected, it makes projection as well in mans' Body from all Diseases, which may assault them either within or without, be they what they will, or called by what name soever, as also in the imperfect Metals.

And know, my Child, for a Truth, that in the whole vegetable work there is no higher nor greater Secret than in Saturn; for we do not find that perfection in Gold which is in Saturn; for internally it is good Gold, herein all Philosophers agree, and it wants nothing else, but that first you remove what is superfluous in it, that is, it's impurity, and make it clean, and then that you turn it's inside outwards, which is it's redness, then will it be good Gold; for Gold cannot be made so easily, as you can of Saturn, for Saturn is easily dissolved and congealed, and it's Mercury may be easily extracted, and this Mercury which is extracted from Saturn, being purified and sublimed, as Mercury is usually sublimed, I tell thee, my Child that the same Mercury is as good as the Mercury which is extracted out of Gold, in all operations; for if Saturn be Gold internally as in truth it is, then must it's Mercury be as good as the Mercury of Gold, therefore I tell you that Saturn is better in our work than Gold; for if you should extract the Mercury out of Gold, it would require a year's space to open the body of Gold, before you can extract the Mercury out of the Gold, and you may extract the Mercury out of Saturn in 14 days, both being alike good.
My Child shall take 10, 12, or 15 pounds of Saturn, wherein is no mixture of any other Metal; laminate it thin, have in readiness a great Stone Jug, half full of Vinegar, stop the Jug very close, set it in a Lukewarm Bath, every three or four days scrape off the calcined Saturn from the Plates, and reserve it apart, thus do so long till you have 5 or 6 (l.?) of the calcined Saturn, then grind it very well on a Stone with good distilled Wine Vinegar, so as you may paint therewith, then take two or three great Stone pots, therein put the Calx of Saturn which you ground, pour good distilled Wine Vinegar upon it, that two parts of the Pot be full, stir it well together, stop the Pot close with a polished Glass or Pebble stone, set the Pots in a Bath, stir it four or five times a day with a wooden Ladle, lay the Glass or Stone Stopple again over it, make the bath no hotter than that you may well endure your hand therein, that is, lukewarm; so let it stand fourteen days and nights, then decant that which is clear into another Stone pot, pour other distilled Vinegar upon the Calx which is not well dissolved, mix them well together, set it 14 days in the Bath, again decant it, and pour other Vinegar upon it as before. This decantation and pouring on continue so long till all the Calx of Saturn be dissolved, then take all the dissolved Saturn, set it in a Bath, evaporate the Vinegar by a small fire, the Saturn will become a powder or lump.

 Or stir it about until it be dry, you have a mass or powder of a dark yellow, or honey colour, then grind the powder again very finely upon a Stone with distilled Vinegar; put it into a stone pot, stir and mix it well together, set it again into a Bath, which is but lukewarm, so let it stand five or six days, stir it every day from the top to the bottom with a wooden Ladle, cover it again with the glass Stopple, then let it cool, pour off that which is dissolved into a great stone pot, pour other Vinegar upon it, mix and stir them well together, set it into the Bath as before, reiterate this decantation and pouring on so often, till no more will dissolve, which try with your tongue, if it be sweet, it is not enough dissolved, or put some of it into a glass gourd, let it evaporate, if anything remain, it is not yet all dissolved which would be Gold, and then what remains in the pot are Faeces, and sweet upon the Tongue; if you find anything in the Gourd, it is not yet all dissolved, then may you pour fresh Vinegar upon it, till all be dissolved, then coagulate it as before, pour other Vinegar on it, stir it, set it again into the Bath, reiterate this operation of solution and coagulation so long till you find no more Faeces at the bottom, but all be dissolved into a pure clear water, then is Saturn freed from all it’s Leprousness, Melancholy, Faeces, and blackness, being pure and white as Snow, for it is cleansed from all it’s uncleanness, because it’s coldness stands outwards as Luna doth, and its’ heat is internal, fluxible as wax, and sweet as sugar Candy.
You have now Saturn washed and cleansed from all its' impurity, and made as white as Snow, fusible as Wax, but it is not fixed yet; we will make it fix the Mercury and Sulphur with its' Earth.

Take a Glass Vial, put half of your purified Saturn into it, reserve the other half till you have occasion to use it; lay a polished Glass upon the mouth of the Glass, set it in a Cupel with sifted Ashes upon a Furnace; or set it upon the Tripod of Secrets, or in the Furnace wherein you calcine Spirits; give it Fire so hot as the heat of the Sun at MidSummer, and no hotter, either a very little hotter, or a very little cooler, as you can best hit it. But if you give it a greater heat, such as you may keep Lead in flux, then your Matter would melt as if it were Oil; and having stood so, ten or twelve days, its' Sulphur would fly away, and your Matter would be all spoiled, for the Sulphur which is in your Matter is not yet fixed, but is in the external. Wherefore the Matter melts presently, and though it be clean, yet it is most fixed; wherefore give so gentle fire to it, that it may not flux; so keep it six weeks, then take out a little of it, lay it on a glowing hot Plate, if it immediately melts and fumes, it is not yet fixed, but if the Matter remain unmelted, the Sulphur is then fixed which is therein; then strengthen the Fire notably, till the Matter in the Glass begins to look yellow, and continually more and more yellow, like to powdered Saffron, then augment the Fire yet stronger, till the Matter begin to be red, then prosecute your Fire from one degree to another, even as the Powder becomes redder and redder by degrees, so hold on your Fire, till the Matter be red as a Ruby, then augment the Fire yet more, that the Matter may be glowing hot, then is it fixed, and ready to pour the curious Water of Paradise upon it.

My Child must know, that there are two ways of pouring on the Water of Paradise; I will teach you to make and prepare both, then you may take which you will; for the one is half as good again as the other.

My Child, you may remember, that I ordered you to reserve the one half of the purified Saturn, which take and put into a Stone pot, pour upon it a bottle or more of distilled Wine Vinegar, set a head on, distill the Vinegar again from it in a Bath, the head must have a hole at the top to pour fresh Vinegar upon the Matter, and abstract the Vinegar again from it, pour fresh Vinegar again on, and again abstract it; this pouring on , and abstracting or distilling off must continue so long, till the Vinegar be drawn off as strong as it was when it was put in, then is it enough, and the Matter hath in it as much of the Spirit of Vinegar as it can contain; then take the Pot out of the Bath, take off the head, and take the Matter out, and put it into a thick glass which can endure the Fire, set a head on it, put it in a Cupel with Ashes, which set on a Furnace, first make a small Fire, and so continually a little stronger, till your Matter come over as red as Blood, thick as Oil, and sweet as Sugar, with a Celestial Scent, then keep it in that heat so long as it distills, and when it begins to slack, then increase your Fire till the Glass begins to glow, continue this heat till no more will distill, then let it cool of itself, take the Receiver off, stop it very close with Wax, take the Matter out of the Glass, beat it to powder in an Iron Mortar, with a steel Pestle; and then grind it on a Stone with good distilled Vinegar, put this Matter so ground into a Pot, pour good distilled Vinegar upon it, that two parts be full, set the Pot into a Bath with a head upon it, distill the Vinegar off, pour fresh Vinegar again upon it, distill it off again: thus do so long, that the Vinegar be as strong as it was when it was first poured upon it, then let it cool, take the Matter out of the Bath, take the head off, take the Matter out of the Pot, put it into a stronger round Glass which can endure the Fire, as you did before, set it upon a Furnace in a Cupel with sifted Ashes, set a head, and a Receiver luted to it, then distill it, first with a small fire, which augment by degrees, till a Matter come over red as Blood, and thick as Oil, as aforesaid; give it fire till no more will distill, then let it cool of itself, take off the head, break the glass pot, and take the Matter out, powder it again, and grind it on a Stone with distilled Vinegar, put it again into the Stone pot, pour fresh Vinegar upon it, set it into the Bath, and its' head on, distill the Vinegar from it, pour it on again as hath been taught, till the Vinegar remain strong as it was.

Reiterate this distillation in the Bath until the Matter hath no more Spirit of the Vinegar in it, then take it out, set it in a glass pot, distill all that will distill forth in ashes, till the Matter become a red Oil, then have you the most noble water of Paradise, to pour upon all fixed stones, to perfect the Stone; this is one way. This water of Paradise thus distilled, the Ancients called their sharp, clear Vinegar, for they conceal its' name.

My Child, I will now teach you other ways to make the water of Paradise; this is an easy way, but not so good, nor doth it that high projection in humane Medicines, yet it cures all Diseases within and without, but the other cures miraculously in a short time.

The second way of preparing the Water of Paradise. My Child, if you would make it after this manner, you must take the half of your prepared Saturn which I ordered you to keep, upon which pour the half of your fixed and prepared Water of Paradise, take the half, put it into a Stone pot, pour weak Wine Vinegar upon it, mix it well together, then take two pounds of calcined Tartar, which is well clarified by solution and coagulation, so that it leaves no more Faeces behind it, Salt Armoniac one pound, which is likewise so clearly sublimed, that no Faeces remain after its sublimation, pound both together to a Powder, put them speedily into a pot, and stop it close immediately, or else it will run out; for so soon as the Tartar and Salt Armoniac come to the Vinegar, they lift themselves up, and would immediately run out of the mouth of the pot, wherefore stop the pot presently, set the pot in a Vessel of Water, they will cool speedily, otherwise if the cold and hot matter should come together suddenly, they would contest together, rise up, and become so hot, that the pot would break for heat, if it were not set in cold water; therefore take heed, when you put the powders in, that you stop it immediately, and set it in cold Water before you put the other Powder to it, then they will unite, let them stand a day and a night in that Vessel, then take them out, set them into a lukewarm Bath two days and nights, let it cool of itself, take the Stopple off from the pot, and set a head on, set the pot in sifted Ashes upon a Furnace, distill with a small fire, and continually greater till all the Vinegar be over, then augment your Fire notably, till you see quick Mercury drop out of the Pipe, when it ceases to drop, then augment the Fire by little and little and drive it so long as it drops; you may observe when it will leave dropping, if in the space of one or two Pater-nosters (Lord's prayer) one drop doth fall, then augment the Fire till the pot glows at the bottom, for twelve hours and when the Mercury is over, then should the Salt Armoniac sublime up into the head, and the Tartar remain with the Body of Saturn at the bottom of the Pot, which take out, put into a Linen bag, hang it in a moist cellar, the Tartar will dissolve, receive it in a Glass, the Body of Saturn remains in the Bag, take it out and calcine it in a reverberating Furnace three days and nights, with a great heat, as is taught elsewhere, then extract the Salt out as is taught in the Mineral Book. You may make projection with the Salt, and coagulate your Tartar again, it will be as good or better than it was, likewise take your Salt Armoniac out of the Head, it is good again, and if you have no Salt Armoniac, then take three pound of calcined Tartar, likewise so clarified that it leave no Faeces behind, you then need no Salt Armoniac, therewith may you likewise extract the Mercury out of Luna and Jupiter, wherewith you may do wonders, as is taught in the Mineral Book, where is spoken of the Quintessence of Metals.

Now my Child must know, that this Mercury or Quintessence of Saturn is as good in all works as the Mercury of Sol, they are both alike good, and herein all the Philosophers agree. My Child, take this Mercury of Saturn, so drawn out of the Receiver, put it into a Glass Box.

I have now taught you to make two sorts of the Water of Paradise; and know my Child, that the first way is the best; though it be made with some danger, longer time, and more charge; for the Vinegar is all good, yet the red Oil is the best; its time is alike unto the end, and though t be more tedious before you obtain the red Oil, yet it fixes itself in a short time, if it come to the Matter or fixed Stone, into a simple Essence in greater redness; but when the Mercury comes to the fixed Stone, it holds on a long time in ascending and descending before it die, and when it is quite dead, it makes the red fixed Stone again into a fixed colour, so covering the red Stone with its coldness, that the red Stone becomes white again, then you must boil it again gently with a small Fire, till it begin to be yellow, prosecuting the Fire from one degree to another, as the Colour is higher and stronger, and that so long till it attain to a perfect redness, which requires a long time before it be done, which is not requisite in the red Oil; for the red Oil dies or coagulates forthwith the Stone, the one fixing itself with the other into a simple Essence, in a short time. Therefore I tell thee, my Child, that the time of the Oil is alike long in the end, though it appear to be of a shorter time with the Mercury, but it is equally long at the end of the Work, therefore I tell you the Art of both Works, that you may the better understand the Art to make the Oil from the innermost nature of the Stone, which is found afterwards. The Oil was unknown to the Ancients, for my Grandfather with his companions found it with great labour and length of time.

So there are two ways to dissolve the Stone, and to pour upon it the clear water of Paradise. Our Ancestors called the Oil their sharp Vinegar; therefore, my Child, keep the Name private, and I will teach you first of all how you shall join the Mercury to your Stone, which you extracted out of Saturn, to dissolve it; afterwards I will teach you to bring over the helm that red Oil which you extracted out of your prepared Saturn, into a fixed stone, to dissolve your stone.

My Child, weigh your fixed stone, take half as much of your Mercury, pour it upon the stone in the Glass, cover the Glass again with a polished Glass which may just fit it, set it in a Cupel with sifted Ashes, make a small Fire like the Sun's heat at Midsummer, and give no more Fire to it, until the Water of Paradise or Mercury become all a dead Powder. And know, my Child, that the red or fixed Stone, which before was darkened, when it hath drunk up the Water of Paradise, or Mercury, or how you will call it, that it be a Powder between black and grey, then augment the Fire from one degree to another, till the Matter be perfect white, and when it is white, strengthen the Fire yet more, from one degree to another, till it be of a dark yellow Colour, then make it yet stronger, till it be of a perfect red; then rejoice, for your Stone is perfect, and fluxible as Wax.

 The Multiplication of the Stone now perfected. Now my Child, you may take the half of your Powder, put it into a Glass and melt it, have in readiness a Mould made hollow, of Box-wood, great or small as you please, it must be made smooth and even within with an Instrument, anoint it with Olive Oil, and when your red Powder is fluxed, pour it into the Mould, it will be a precious Stone, red as a Ruby, clear and transparent, take it out of the Mould, and make projection upon the imperfect Metals, and in the Body of Man.
Take ten times as much of prepared Saturn as I taught you before, by Coagulation and Solution, till it leave no Faeces behind, then take your precious red Powder out of the Glass, that two parts be full, set it into your warm Bath, and let it dissolve: when any thing is dissolved, decant off that which is clear on the top into another Glass, pour other Vinegar upon it, let it dissolve again as before; decant and pour fresh Vinegar upon it so often, till all be dissolved into a clear Water, which is done usually in ten or twelve days, then set all that which is dissolved into a Bath, and a head upon it, distill the Vinegar, distill the Vinegar from it again, and coagulate the Matter so long till it be dry and shine, then put it into another Glass, which set upon a Furnace in a Cupel with sifted Ashes, laying a polished Glass upon the Mouth of the Glass.

My Child, know that your Matter is become fixed with the Stone in the solution, make an indifferent hot fire in the furnace so hot as the heat of the Sun in Midsummer, or somewhat hotter, till the Matter begin to be yellow, then go on with the Fire from one degree to another, till you have a perfect yellow, then increase the Fire from one degree to another, till you have a perfect redness, which is quickly done, in half the time for the colour to come, and in the multiplication, but operate as before in the beginning, and pour Paradise water upon the Stone, as was taught you before in this Work, boil and mortify it in every point to a perfect redness as hath been taught. Then may you again take half of it out, and make projection therewith, and multiply the other half again in all points as above said, so may you always continue working.

Now I will teach you the other way, and the best that is to water your red fixed Stone or powder with the red Oil, that it be fusible; you must know how much your red powder weighs, then take half the weight of your red Oil, to the full weight of the Stone, and pour it upon the red powder, and when the Oil is poured into the Glass, you may set a small head on, upon a Furnace in sifted Ashes, joining a Receiver to the Nose of the head, make a small fire under it, as the heat of the Sun in March, and no hotter; for there is yet some moisture of the Vinegar in the Oil, that it may be abstracted, continue it in that heat, that you can perceive no moisture in the head, then augment the fire a little, as the heat of the Sun at Midsummer, and if there be yet more moisture in it, you will perceive it in the head, but it you perceive it not in 6 or 8 days, then take the head off, and lay the polished Glass again upon the mouth of your Glass, increase the fire, that you can scarce endure your hand or finger in the Ashes an Ave-Mary while, continue the fire in that heat till the red Oil be all fixed with the Powder in the Glass, which you may know thus;

Take a little of the powder out of the Glass, lay it on a glowing Silver plate, if the powder malts as wax, and penetrates through the Plate as Oil doth through a dry Leather, and makes it Gold throughout as far as the powder went, then is the Stone finished, and if it do not this, you must then let it stand in that heat till it do so without fuming.

Now, my Child, when the Stone is finished, take half of it out of the Glass, put it into a Glass melting-pot, and melt the powder gently, which should be done presently, for it melts as Wax; and being melted, pour it into the Mould of Box-wood as aforesaid, it will be a red stone, clear and transparent as Crystal, red as a Ruby, then make projection therewith, and set the other half again to multiply.

Then take in God's Name twenty parts of Saturn, which is prepared by Solution and Coagulation, till it leave no more Faeces behind, as hath been said at the beginning. Dissolve these twenty parts of Saturn, dissolve by itself in a Glass with distilled Vinegar; likewise dissolve the powder of your Stone alone by itself in a Glass with distilled Vinegar, and when both are dissolved into clear water, pour both the Solutions together into a great Glass, set it into a Bath, a head on, and a Receiver to it, distill the Vinegar from it in the boiling Bath, till the Matter be dry, then let it cool of itself, put it into a Glass, lay a polished Glass over the mouth of the Glass, and set it into a Furnace in a Cupel with sifted Ashes, make a fire under it like to the Sun's heat in March, till the powder be perfect white, which is quickly done.

Then augment your fire from one degree to another, till the Matter become yellower and yellower, to a perfect yellow, then increase it yet stronger, from one degree to another, till it be redder and redder, to a perfect redness; then pour your water upon the red powder with the red Oil, or with the Water of Paradise, or with the clear sharp Vinegar, or call it how you will, doing in all points as hath been taught, till the red powder flux like Wax upon a Silver Plate, without fuming, penetrating it as Oil doth dry leather, that it become good Gold within and without; then render thanks unto God, be obedient to him for his Gifts and Graces.

You may again take one half out of the Glass, and make projection, setting the other half in again, as hath been taught, so may you work all your Lifetime for the poor, and perform other duties to God's Glory, and the Salvation of your Soul, as I have said before; enough to the wise.

 Projection upon Metal. Know, my Child, how and in what manner you must use this Stone, which makes projection upon Mercury, and all imperfect Metals and Bodies of Mars, Jupiter and Venus, whereof make Plates glowing hot, whereon straw the Stone, and lay Coals on for a season, that the Stone may penetrate, but the Stones must be made quick with Gold, and Jupiter also, which is very laborious, as is taught in the projection. But you must project upon Saturn or Luna, which need not be made quick, only flux them, and cast one part upon a thousand parts, it will be a Medicine, cast one part of these thousand parts upon ten parts, it will be the best Gold that ever was seen on Earth.

 It's Use in Physicks. This Stone cures all Leprous people, Plague, and all Diseases which may reign upon Earth, or befall Mankind; this is the true Aurum potable, and the true Quintessence which the Ancients sought; this is that thing whereof the whole Troop of Philosophers speak so wondrously, using all possible skill to conceal it's Name and Operation, as aforesaid.

Take of this Stone the quantity of a Wheat-corn, lay it in a little good Wine in a small Glass, half full, or a quarter full, make the Wine warm, the Stone will melt like Butter, and the Wine will be red as Blood, and very sweet in your mouth, as ever you tasted; for to speak comparatively, it is so sweet in taste that Honey and Sugar may be compared as Gall to it; give this unto the Patient to drink, lay him in Bed, but lay not too many clothes upon him, the Stone hastens forthwith to the heart, expelling thence all ill humours, thence dilating itself through all the Arteries and Veins of the whole Body, rousing up all humours, the party will sweat, for the Stone opens all the pores of the Body, and drives forth all humours thereby, so that the Patient will seem to have been in the Water, yet will this sweating not make him sicker, for the Stone expels only what is adverse to Nature, preserving what is consonant unto it in it's being, therefore the Patient is not sicker or weaker; but the more he sweats the stronger and lustier will he be, the Veins will be lighter, and the sweat continues till all evil humours be driven out of the Body, and then it ceases.

The next day you shall take of it the quantity of a Wheat-corn, in warm Wine again, you will go to stool immediately, and that will not cease so long as you have anything in your Body which is contrary to Nature, and the more Stools the Patient hath, the stronger and lighter at heart will he be; for the Stone drives nothing forth but what is adverse and prejudicial to Nature.

The third day give the like quantity in warm Wine, as aforesaid; it will so fortify the Veins and Heart, that the party will not think himself to be a Man, but rather a Spirit, all his members will be so light and lively, & if the party will take the like quantity of a Wheat-corn every day for the space of nine days, I tell you, his Body will be as spiritual as if he had been nine days in the terrestrial Paradise, eating every day of the Fruit, making him fair, lusty and young; therefore use this Stone weekly, the quantity of a Wheat-corn with warm Wine, so shall you live in health unto the last hour of the time appointed for you by God.

It's Use in External Diseases. My Child, there are some people who have external Distempers on their Bodies, as Fistulas, Cancers, Wolf, or evil Biles, or Holes, be they what or how they will, etc, give him the weight of one Wheat-corn to drink in warm Wine two days, as is taught before, the whole body within and without shall be freed from all which is adverse to Nature, and you shall deal with the open Sores thus;

Take a Drachm of the Stone, seeth it in a pottle of Wine in a Glass, the space of two or three Pater-nosters, that the Stone may melt, the Wine will be as red as Blood, therewith wash the Sores morning and evening, laying a thin Plate of Lead over, in a short time, as in twelve days the Sores will be whole; and give him every day the quantity of a Wheat-corn, in warm Wine till he be well. If they be Fistulas or other concave Holes, that you cannot come at them to wash them, then take a Silver Syringe, and inject of that wine into them, it will heal them as aforesaid.

And if one had a pound of the rankest Poison in the world in his Body, and immediately drink a Drachm thereof in warm Wine, the poison shall forthwith evacuate by siege, together with all the evil Humours in his Body.

My Child, here ends the most noble and precious Work which is in the Vegetable Book; on whomsoever God bestows this Stone, needs no other thing in this World, therefore keep it as close and well as you can, to God's Glory, who grant that we may walk in his obedience, Amen.

God is blessed in all his works

Geber - Investigation of Perfection

Chapter V.
Of the Preparation of Tin in Special
Jupiter is manifoldly prepared, yet best in this manner; Put it in an apt Vessel in a Furnace of Calcination, and under it make Fire sufficient for good Fusion of the Body; stirring the Liquefied Body with an Iron Spatula full of holes, and drawing off the Scum that riseth, and again stirring the Body, in that heat of Fire equally induring, until on the Superficies be gathered together a good quantity of that Scum or Powder; which take off, and again continue stirring until the whole Body be reduced to Powder. This Powder sift, and replace it again in the Furnace, adding Fire, not exceeding the Fire of its Fusion, and stir it often. Keep it in this Fire of Calcination for a day natural, or thereabouts, until its whole Accidental or Superfluous Humidity be abolished, with its Combustible and Corrupting Sulphur. For the Fire elevates and consumes every Fugitive and inflammable Substance: then often well wash it with the aforesaid, viz. with Common-Salt Cleansed, and Allom, and with Purified and Harsh vinegar, and dry it at the Sun, or in the Air; and then again Grind, and Wash, and Dry: and do this time after time, until by the acuity of the Salts, Alloms, and Vinegar, its whole Humidity, Blackness, and Uncleanness, shall be consumed, corroded and done away.

This being done, add Glass beaten to Powder, to these aforesaid, and when you have impasted the whole together, then with sufficient Fire make it flow in a Crucible with an hole in its bottom, set within another, and the pure and clean Body will descend, the whole earthly and feculent Substance remaining above with the Glass, and Salts, or Alloms; for in that Body descended and reduced, is an equal and perfect Proportion of clean Argentvive and white Sulphur not burning; because Fire and the Corrosives have divided the whole Humidity, and fugitive, and inflammable, and corrupting Substance and Blackness; and through that Discensory, by the pasting with Salts, Alloms, and Glass, the whole feculent earthy Substance is separated, the pure Substance with its Proportion remaining.

Afterward calcine this pure reduced Body again, with pure and clean Salarmoniac, until it be in weight equal, or thereabout. When it shall be well and perfectly calcined, then grind the whole well and long upon a Porphiry-stone, and place it in the open Air, in a cold and humid place; or in Glass Vessels, in a Furnace of Solution, or in Horse-Dung, until the whole be dissolved; augmenting the Salt if need be. This Water we ought to honour, for it is what we seek for the White. These may suffice to be spoken of the Preparation of Tin.

Chapter VI.
Of the Preparation of Saturn.
Lead is thus prepared; Set it in a like Furnace of Clacination, stirring it, while in flux, as you did the Tin, until it be converted to a most fine Powder: Sift this, and again set it in the Fire of its Calcination, as aforesaid, until its Fugitive and Inflamable Substance be abolished. Afterwards take out your red Calx, which imbibe and grind often, with Common Salt cleansed, and Atrament purified, and very harsh Vinegar: Also as of Tin is said, your Matter must be often imbibed, dryed, and ground, until by benefit of the aforesaid, this said uncleanness be totally removed: then mix Glass with these aforesaid, and as you did with the Tin cause the pure Body to descend, that descending it may be reduced. Again, Calcine it with pure Salarmoniac (as of Jupiter is said) and most subtily grind and dissolve it by the way aforesaid. For that is the Water of Argentvive and Sulphur proportionally made, which we use in Composition of the Red Elixir. These of the Preparation of Saturn, may suffice.

Chapter VII.
Of the Preparation of Venus.
Venus or Copper, is this way prepared: Make a Lay of Common Slat well cleansed in a Crucible, and upon that put a piece of Copper Plate, and over that a Lay of Salt, and then more of the Plate; and so continually, until the Vessel be full: which being covered and firmly luted, place in a Furnace of Calcination, for one day Natural; then take it out and separate and scrape off what shall be Calcined; and again Calcine the Plates with new Salt, as before, repeating the Calcination so often, as until all the Plates shall be consumed, and corroded by the benefit of the Slat and Fire: for the Salt corrodes the superfluous Humidity and Combustible Sulphureity, and the Fire elevates the Fugitive and Inflamable Substance with due Proportion.

Grind this calcined matter to a most subtile Powder, and wash it with Vinegar; until the Water come from it free from Blackness. Another time imbibe it with new Salt and Vinegar, and Grind, and after Contrition (or Grinding) put it in a Calcining Furnace, in an open Vessel, and let it stand there three days Natural; then take it out and Grind it very well and subtily, and well and long wash it with Vinegar, until it shall be cleansed and purged from all Uncleanness,

This being done, dry it well in the Sun, then add to it half its weight of Salarmoniac, well and long Grinding, until whatsoever is there subtile shall be dissolved; anew adding clean Salarmoniac, if need shall be, until the whole be made Water. Honour this Water, which we name the Water of fixed Sulphur, with which the Elixir is tinged to Infinity. These of the Preparation of Venus.

Chapter VIII.
Of the Preparation of Mars.
Mars or Iron, is best prepared thus: Let it be Calcined as Venus, with Common Salt cleansed, and let it be washed with pure Vinegar; being washed , dry it in the Sun, and when dryed, grind and imbibe it with new Salt and Vinegar, and then put it in the same Furnace, as of Venus is said, for three days. Honour this Solution, viz. The Water of fixed Sulphur, wonderfully augmenting the Colour of the Elixir. These may suffice to be spoken of the Preparation of Imperfect Bodies.

Chapter IX.
Of the Preparation of Sol.
Perfect Bodies need not Preparation, in relation to their further Perfection, being perfect; but that they may be more subtiliated, and attenuated, we adhibit this Preparation to them:
Rx Sol or Gold beaten into thin Plates, and with them and Common Salt very well prepared, make Lay in a Vessel of Calcination, which set into a Furnace and Calcine well for three days, until the whole be subtiley Calcined; then take it out, grind it well, wash it with Vinegar, and dry it in the Sun, afterward grind it well with half its weight of cleansed Salarmoniac; then set it to be dissolved, until the whole (by the benefit of Common Salt and Armoniac) be dissolved into a most clear Water. This is the precious Ferment for the Red Elixir, and the true Body made Spiritual.

Chapter X.
Of the Preparation of Luna.
Luna or Silver, is subtiliated and attenuated and reduced to Spirituality, in manner as above is said of Sol. Therefore in all and every part of the Work, do the same in its Subtiliation, as you did with the Gold. And this Water of Luna dissolved, is the Ferment for the White Elixir, made Spiritual.  

von Suchten on Paracelsus

Now will I briefly recapitulate to you the whole process: Take first thy golden Man, thy red Adamic earth. For this earth is the middle nature between Mercury and metals, and the third composed of the same principles, Quicksilver and Sulphur. By noiseless metallic liquefaction of this earth the matter of its metallic ore acquires, virtues, and properties of the aforesaid principles, so that from it may be generated each and every metal, according to diversity of digestion; and to it is there nothing wanting but purification and complete digestion. This Red Adam lay in a warm bath that he may go to sleep. If he will not fall asleep, give him a good, strong, sleeping draught of his saturated liquor, which he loves to drink. Then, during his sleep, cut open his right side that the fair white woman, concealed within him, may come forth. When, now, this maiden has become marriageable, bring her to Adam --- lying on his bed and sick with love --- as his bed and sick with love --- as his daughter, sister, and wife. Whereupon Adam will know the woman, and she will become pregnant. Take then this pregnant woman --- letting the man go --- and guard her well for ten months, until the day of her parturition. She will then bear her first-born son, whom she has conceived from her father’s spirit, a young spiritual Adam, to whom no other man is equal in deeds and miracles, who --- if daily fed with his young mother’s milk --- when he reaches man’s estate, will subdue all his brethren, will deliver them from death, and bring them to eternal death, and bring them to eternal joy in the kingdom of Honour, in which all creatures under heaven will rejoice with joy unspeakable. And, finally, the whole world will become full of gold, and pearls, and precious stones. For Solomon’s vineyard bears him 1000, and to those that keep the fruit thereof, 200.

The Tree of Life

I have made the Tree of Life of which you speak. It is accomplished by melting pure sodium in a flask, and then sprinkling in gold dust. The sodium turns into an emerald pool as it melts and the gold is eaten up by it (the green lion eating the sun). Then, as it dries up, a remarkable transformation takes place, as a stem grows upward from the dry pool, higher and higher, then branches grow off the stem. Other stems rise up from other places and produce branches as well. The stem is brownish and rough and 'plated' like the bark of certain palm trees. The tips of the branches turn darker brown, and eventually red. This is the Grove of the Gods, spoken of in Greek mythology. It looks so incredible, you don't ever want to touch it.

If, however, you want to complete the process, grind the trees into powder, add HCl and then neutralize with sodium hydroxide. You get nice white ORMES.

>1: Isn't sodium a poisonous metal? From where does one get it and what precautions are there in its handling? Fumes poisonous? Is it expensive?

Sodium is explosive if touched by water. It is probably poisonous  as a metal. It is easily obtainable from a chemical supply house. It is dirt cheap - $65 a pound.

>2: At what temperature does it melt? I don't know, but not very hot - certainly under 500 degrees. We didn't use Pyrex. But Pyrex is a good idea. It withstands 600 degrees.

>Gas or propane flame OK? Yes.

>3: In what kind of flask does one heat it? Also, size of flask and amount of sodium needed?

300 ml is fine for a lump of sodium the size of a silver dollar (it comes in a round bar), sliced off about 1/8" thick.

>4: How much gold dust does one sprinkle in, and does one keep heating the sodium while doing it?

We sprinkled in about 1/2 ounce. Heat the sodium until molten (green liquid). Don't breathe any fumes coming off -- probably bad.

>5: Would filings from a pure gold coin qualify?

Yes, if it was PURE. Only gold Maple Leafs qualify, if what I hear is correct - 999.9 fine.

>6: How long does one heat it after the gold dust is sprinkled?

Just keep heating and you will see the gold dissolve in the liquid sodium, and then it changes all the colors of the rainbow and then the tree grows. It is the essence of simplicity. "Women's work and child's play".

>6: How long does it take for the branches to form?

Within 15 minutes.

>7:When do they begin and how do you know they are complete?

They start within five minutes or so of the dissolution of the gold in the liquid sodium, and they complete in five minutes, and then the tips ripen in about five minutes.

>8:Do you force the drying or just allow it to happen in open air at room temp?

You continue to heat all the way through.

>9:Can you reuse the sodium once the branches are removed?

NO. It is gone.

>10: How is it that the branches can form on already-formed "trunks"?

I don't know.

>11:Are the trunks not totally solid and still allow a "wicking" effect to transport new material to their ends to form the branches?

No they are plenty solid.

>12: How hard is the tree material?

Quite hard. It took quite a bit of grinding in a mortar and pestle to make it into a powder.

>13:Is it fragile or robust?

It is tough but brittle.

>14: Isn't the tree material ORMES already? (ie; why add HCl and neutralize)?

The tree is not ORMES yet. It has the potential, but it is not suitable for consumption. It is sodium auride, probably, and you have to tease the ORMES out of it. Remember, DH says ORMES exist mostly in the 'other' dimension (5/9) and you have to 'digest' things in order to get the ORMES into our world. It is the same process as digesting your food: chewing, then hydrochloric acid (gastric juice), then a neutralizer (sodium bicarb from the pancreas).

>15:What would happen if it was just ground and ingested and the stomach acids worked on it?

Probably big tummy ache, and maybe poisoning too.

>16: What are the specifics in the HCl and NaOH procedure? Do I need a pH meter for this?

Yes a pH meter is necessary. The HCl drives the pH down to about pH 2; use a 10% solution; Then the sodium hydroxide (also 10%) brings it back to neutral (pH 7). Don't overshoot, or you will lose the ORMES back into the 'other side' and its hard to coax them back.

>17: How have you confirmed that ORMES are produced?

Nothing else that I have ever seen acts like this product. A biochemist who was there at the time said that this cannot happen. So I feel pretty confident we had ORMES. I also drank it all over a period of three months. No poisoning, so no metal left -- ergo ORMES.

>18:Do you get a good conversion rate from metal to ORMES?


>19: Have you ingested the ORMES? and what effects?

Yes I drank them. Caused a fusing of left and right hemispheres, so that I had complete control over my dreams. It made dreamtime and daytime very much closer together. I would recommend it to anyone who had the luxury of taking a few years off. Meaning that I cared a lot less about day to day business affairs and getting to the office when I took it. Since I am self-employed, it makes a big difference when I don't show up. So I stopped taking it when it was done. Since then my business has skyrocketed. I would say I experienced an increase in intuition that lasted for a year or so.

>20: Is this even to be attempted by a novice? It sounds deceptively

It is simple, but I think that good lab technique is a must. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone as their FIRST experiment. The biggest  danger in the whole affair is that damn sodium. NO WATER even NEAR it!!!! It explodes like dynamite. The ceiling has the scars to prove it!

>21: Is there any similar action with other Platinum group metals? or copper? or even mercury (with the proper precautions)?

Haven't tried it, so I don't know. I am not really that interested in the others. I have read dozens of alchemical books and nobody ever said you could get the Philosopher's Stone working with platinum or copper (did they?) Mercury is another ballgame, but it is so toxic, I wouldn't fool with it. I learned a mercury method from LPN, also using stibnite (antimony), but it takes forever and is so ticklish (and toxic). This method is safe if you are reasonably careful and don't blow up the sodium (!), and it is the only method that will grow the Tree that I am aware of. I think that this simple process was used to impress novices (it impressed the hell out of me!) in initiations.


It is so fast and straight forward. The tricky part for the ancients was where to get the sodium. (Moses on Mt. Sinai comes to mind).
But, of course, if you know the tricks of distilling sea water (and you don't poison yourself with the chlorine)that can be done, although the temperature required is over 600 C, and that's tough to handle.

Bacstrom - Lapis De Tribus

Take good crude antimony and native orpiment 1/4 lb or as much as you like. Powder each finely by itself, and mix the powders. Beware of the dust.

Put the mixture in a globe glass with a long neck. Place your glass deeply buried in the sand, so that the best part of the globe is under the sand, but the whole neck remains free. Your furnace must stand under a chimney. Then light your fire which increase gradually. After the humidity has evaporated, put a bit of soft clay upon the opening of the neck of the glass and press it in gently.

Increase your fire, until the sand and glass grow so intensely hot, that the powders melt together in the globe.

When you see this let the substance continue melting until the whole has become of a fine deep red fluid massa. At the later end of the operation, the iron sand pot must become red hot in the bottom.
When you have obtained the red fluid mass in fusion, take the fire out immediately, that the glass may cool gradually.

The next day, break the glass and you will find a fine red transparent ruby glass, called Lapis de Tribus because it consists of antimony, arsenic, and sulphur.

Note – Of you admit the air into the neck of the glass, the mixture takes fire, and you run great risk of your life; therefore be careful. It is done in 4 hours time. This glass is very volatile.

Take3iv of Lapis de Tribus in powder and 3J of fine gold in leaves. Mix these in a mortar by rubbing. Let it melt together in a covered crucible and suffer no coals to drop in. When the crucible begins to grow red hot, the mixture melts and at last inflamed, and the Lapis de Tribus fumes away and evaporates. When you find the Lapis evaporated, take the crucible out and let it cool, but do not breathe the poisonous fumes.

Take the gold calx out. Weigh it and mix it anew with 4 parts of fresh powdered Lapid de Tribus, by rubbing it in a glass. Put the mixture into a new crucible. Melt again and keep it in the fire, until the Lapis de Tribus is again evaporated. Repeat the same operation, with 4 parts of fresh Lapis and your gold calx is well opened for a further operation.

Cornelius de Winter said to W. Lentz, ‘You may proceed in this manner with silver, copper, or iron, and open and volatilize them by means o the Lapis de Tribus, sooner than the gold, and not that one single melting of four parts of the lapis to open part of fin silver in leaves, or of a Crocus Martis, or Veneris, opens and greatly volatilizes silver, iron or copper in one single operation. You are also to not that you fire must not be excited by the blast. It must not be a melting, but only a calcining fire. Otherwise your volatilized metals fl out of the crucible, and you keep the empty nest’.

The Lapis de Tribus has a power to volatilize all metals, gold and silver not excepted, either by the first, second or third operation, according to their natural volatility or fixity, and highly subtilizes them and reduces them into a mercurial principle, which mercurialized metals can be employed in labors of great consequence, as experience will teach you. I tell you the truth, but beware of the mercurial fumes.

‘I have made a Tincture in Via Sicca from this foundation, more than once at Amsterdam, and although it acts only on a few parts of silver, yet it is very profitable, as it can be accomplished very well in 3 or 4 days’ time, but this is not the brass founder’s work, by any means’, said de Winter.

Take of the whitest and clearest river pebbles you can get, a pound or more, and powder them finely in a clean iron mortar, and sift your powder perfectly fine.

Of this fine pebble powder, take 3/4 lb, and good yellow litharge powdered and sifted, one lb. Mix the two powders. Put them into a new crucible covered, and melt the mixture to a glass in the wind furnace. When done take the crucible out and let it cool. When cold, break the crucible and powder your glass and sift it.

Now take one part of Lapis de Tribus in powder and mix it with 4 parts of the pebble glass by rubbing them well together in a glass mortar. Melt these substances in a new crucible for 5 or 6 hours, so as to keep the matter in constant fusion. Then take the crucible out, break it, and when cold, poweder it, and your glass will look tinged with yellow or orange. Weigh it, and mix it again, 4 parts of this tinged glass with one part of fresh de Tribus. Melt again, in a new crucible constantly covered, for 5 or 6 hours. You can very well accomplish 2 meltings in a day. Repeat this a third time, and your obtained glass ought to be of a fine orange colour. This is already a kind of Tincture, which if you melt it with silver, it enriches the silver with atoms of fine gold, and if you separates such silver with aqua fortis, the black calx, which falls, when washed, dried, and melted with borax, proves to be fine gold of 24 carats, but this is not all.
Take your orange coloured opaque glass, weigh it, and powder and sift it. Take of this 4 parts, say drachms, in proportion, as you have opened gold, which you have prepared at first, one part or drachm of fresh Lapis de Tribus, and one 3 of your opened mercurialized gold, and mix the whole diligently in a porphyry or glass mortar. You must rub full 2 hours, and do not breathe the dust. Melt this composition in a new covered crucible during 6 hours continual fusion, yet without any blast or violence, as fusion is enough.

When the time is past, take out the pot and let it cool. Break the crucible and separate the glass, which does now look of a deeper red, like a new brick.

Powder and weigh this glass. Take thereof 4 parts, and add one part of fresh lapis de Tribus in powder. Mix the two powders diligently and melt them again in a new covered crucible for 6 hours time, keeping the matter in constant fusion. When cold, you will find your glass deeper in colour than before.

Repeat this fusion a third time (which from the beginning, is now the sixth melting, adding to 4 parts of this red glass, one part of fresh Lapis de Tribus and proceed carefully, as you did before, but Note: ---
1. If any coals fall into the pot, the operation is spoiled, which has happened to me in the beginning:

2. By the repeated fusions and fixations by the violent way, adding each time a 1/5 part of fresh Lapis de Tribus, i.e., one part of the lapis to 4 parts of the fixed glass, your tinged glass becomes more and more penetrating, more fusible ad more fixed.

I durst not go beyond 6 or 7 fusions, as the glass does at last run through the pores of the red hot crucible. In this manner I once lost all my treasure.

6 or 7 fusions may be safely done.

This red glass is a genuine Tincture upon fine silver. After 6 fusions, it tinges sometimes 10, sometimes 12, sometimes 20 parts of silver in fusion into fine gold of 24 carats. I could never make it twice alike, the reason of which I cannot penetrate. It is profitable enough, but no so profitable, as Myriam said to King Aros. At least I could never find it so.

David Beuther’s Philosophical and Chemical Writings

David Beuther’s Philosophical and Chemical Writings

To God Alone the Glory.

Question: By what means should one dissolve the body of the Sun and the body of the Moon?

Answer: Through the metallic liquid which is an inner vapor of minerals, which is completely volatile so that it can also disappear into the air and diffuse into the air and after sublimation it is referred to as the Water of the Discerning, your spring and fountain, as well as your fire, for then your Philosophers’ Water is actually a fire.

Question: Where must one seek to find this Water?

Answer: In the mountains and in the ground and in a large of minerals.

Question: In which minerals?

Answer: In those minerals in which the spirits of metals reside.

Question: Are all of them good?

Answer: Yes, but all of them are different.

Question: Why is that?

Answer: Because? If they will al arise from a single root, then, however, nothing can be extracted without gold and silver; no tincture can be produced from itself alone. They can all be converted into a tincture of a medicine, but one of them, however, is very much nobler and better then the others.

Question: Why is that?

Answer: The reason is that one of them is not equal in quality to the others in the stars above and in the celestial world in the embodiment of their influence.

Question: Which of them, however, has the greatest ability from God to act as a tincture?

Answer: There are indeed many spirits which under such circumstances do have the power to give metals a special color. These are the spirits of metals residing in a great many mineral ores.

Question: What are such minerals good for?

Answer: Indeed there are many uses. For one such metal has the spirit of the other six in it. But the most important spirits, however, are those of silver and gold, which live in base metals, such as cobalt, zinc, bismuth, antimony, and the various forms of garnet. The highest of all of them, then, are gold and silver ores and from them the noble water might come when they are found in an entirely natural and pure state.

Question: Which are the best and most serviceable?

Answer: The most dilute and volatile ores and minerals, since they lead to the spirits of the Sun and Moon.

Question: Do these spirits have more ability as a tincture than others do?

Answer: Yes, indeed. Certainly far more. Since they actually surpass the others in their ability to become fixed, and in their stability, and also they surpass them in volatility.

Question: In which minerals are ordinarily found the spirits of gold and silver in the greatest quantity?

Answer: As you have desired to know the origin and the source, then you will see that the spirit of gold and silver is pure, unmixed with other living spirits, and you will also see that silver is the most serviceable for it is (even when unrefined) pure, ductile, bright, volatile, and the lower the silver content the better, since the red-gold ores used are broken into gold and cobalt. Among others, cobalt is often found, which leads to a little silver, if indeed any whatsoever. Then after digging in a mine, a white, soothing coagulated liquid or liquor of the moon is found, which is formed partially from actual cobalt and tends to increase in amount and is inclined to be oily, like melted fat, or even a little pasty, or is like a soft, delicate, white painter’s color. In this liquid, however, lies our liquor, hidden, from the moon, for us to labor over. When, however, such liquor appears to give a mineral a red color, then this leads to the Spirit of mars, even if, however, it becomes green, like the Spirit of Venus. This spirit becomes separated from its ore by spagyric methods, so that it has within it the life of the earth, although this spirit has also separated the pure from the impure by the process of sublimation, or, in another way, by the process of extraction, carried out with rather vigorous extraction and the addition of silver, leading to artificial flowers of lapidi and tinctures resulting from their solution.

Question: How is this spirit driven away and separated from its crude earthiness or terrestrial nature?

Answer: In order that you can accurately separate the pure from the impure and obtain each of them separately, you must now take the liquorish water containing the gold and silver and place it in an efficient sublimation apparatus or an earthen vessel where it is then sublimed in a sand bath, using a vessel made of iron and tin, and allowed to react slowly for several hours and then, according to the opportunity, the longer, the stronger, the spirit rises very gently through the neck of the still head or retort into the other globe glass and is even allowed to remain there, the metals being identified by their colors.

Then, take an ore and bring the spirit therefrom. You must tap it gently, so that the spirit can rise easily and go out of it. Or, take the mineral ores of gold and silver, crude or pure, in pieces or entire, carefully pulverized by rubbing on a stone, then hermetically sealed in a vial, melted, and then allowed to sit in a sand bath and made completely soft, compact and fixed, so that the gold becomes heavy and is covered over with a green skin, which looks like the leaf of a nut tree and is spoken of, as is the custom, as the Green Dragon of Hermes, or as the Green Corrosive (Omnivorous) Snake, or as the Green Lion, although Theophrastus called it the Tree Frog, imbibing an air of wisdom and coating his back with wax; but in reality, it is the White Lily, the water of the Wise, for from it comes the Elixir of Life, and the Fountain of Youth. When now this Liquor of the Sun is drawn out from the resin colored blood and the green tree frog is covered over with, making him so hot that his skin will burst, and from him, after he does indeed burst, comes our Lily, which grows even snow-white, like wool. Let it grow as long as it can. Take this with an instrument of gold, finely constructed, and when you have enough of the same, then continue the experiment in a spherical vessel which is formed like a round-bottomed flask and sealed, and its contents allowed to putrefy in our Athanor oven, made of brass, so that one can carry the experiment out in a dish or whatever he chooses. It is approximately one span and a half wide, well made of good iron or copper, like figures with two cupels, in which putrefaction takes place in a very mild heat, with very mild sweating, with low heat over a period of a month, resulting in a black color, then a white one. This is our Fountain and our Soil, in which is found that which you will harvest --- the Corpus Solis et Lunae (Body of the Sun and Moon), which can be further purified. After this stage of purification, more gold was added and the mixture was allowed to putrefy further. This is done as often and as extensively as desired. There is, consequently, a certain considerable amount of increasing the amount of ore. So milling takes place nine times, putrefaction occurring at each step. You must see the blackness, reminding you that you have to correctly solve the problem and must make certain that, when necessary, the gold must be added to the mercury. When all of this is now in solution, and then added to its own ferment, and heated for a long period of time with one another, until it is unchanging (that is to say, the gold or its ferment --- the gold or silver added as a leaven, so that its ferment is volatile and the volatile part, the mercury, is unchanging) and it was formerly considered a tincture, although not now.

The following involves three kinds of solar liquors which are very serviceable to the Philosophers’ Fountain:

The first is called gold pyrites, which is entirely pure by itself and leads to no other foreign metallic spirit or any highly corrosive substance. The other is the crude and scaly form of hematite, which, however, must be pure. This is the most stable and durable Mineral of the Sun, whose greatest value is seen in a noble medicine comparable to the noble mineral, antimony, in which the Spirit of the Sun and moon may be readily dissolved to form a medicine.

In the third place, there is still the Mineral of the Sun, which is a liquor or water in very solid gold-cobalt, gold pyrites, or gold quartz, which is very mild and delicate in its first composition. It is found to have a red color and appears to be like a cinnabar ore. This is the Sugar of Theophrastus, which he mentions in his Thesaurus to act like gold, and with this mineral, the Sap of Gold is brought to the fountain and allowed to undergo change (as formerly pointed out with the Mineral of the Moon). This is now the threefold Mercury of the Philosophers, which is, however, its ferment, actually a very beautiful pure gold oxide, to which when a gold liquor was added and allowed to putrefy, a black material was obtained, so that the Green Dragon (which is simply mercury) which has been extracted from the mineral and blended with the Anatron Sol, which is actually the Lion of Gold, or gold oxide, which immediately turns it into the mercury and then into a double mercury. This is now the true mercury of the philosophers, which dissolves all substances if enough is added. When all this is finished, as all of the Philosophers have noted, the two waters unite to form one. In this white water, the substance dissolves to form the perfect solution, which becomes coagulated when acted upon by its first ferment until it, in its turn, becomes white, as well as non-flammable and indestructible, and even though it is actually fixed and stable as a White Tincture, it must, nevertheless, be further treated until it gives a red tint, at which point it is even better fixed and is then able to dye everything from white and can be looked upon further until finally, the deepest shades of red appear. Continuing this process and others, such as steadily heating over an open flame, produces no change, although a brightness is imparted to the flame, which first turns gold, then red, and finally a deeper red, but the substance itself is non-combustible, which is its most notable characteristic, since fire only serves to make it more stable.

Question: How many changes, then, can this Stone bring about?

Answer: Two. The first is putrefaction; the second is fermentation.

Question: Then how does fire cause it to increase?

Answer:  The increase occurs in the metal.

Question: How can the gold cause it to become tinctured and make it better, since it was previously pure enough?

Answer: It makes it like a tincture and a lapidi, which thereafter is much more penetrating and its activity is increased so that 1 part per 100 parts of material can bring about the same amount of uniform coloring and can turn out more gold.

Question: Is there then no mineral on earth that this material cannot cause to be tinctured?

Answer: None. Of that which you have seen as the proper basis and, as I have previously suggested, all metals have originated from a single root stock and thus all can be brought to a single tincture of white and red (although the assistance of gold and silver are required). So you now know, and can imagine even, what kinds of metals are best suited, the most powerful and the mightiest, and you will soon discover the gold, silver, mercury, copper, iron, tin, and lead all have a single root or Mercurium. When occurring alone in a metal or mineral this ore is purer in mercury and is easier to bring out of its ore and also easier to purify than are the others. In this way, you will know, however, that mercury, while still in its ore, is also a very beautiful red color, resembling that of a ruby. Indeed, this mineral is also finely powdered and comes from its ore very readily, as mercury also comes from its gold ore, even more rapidly than other forms of mercury. The gold and silver in their original state can bring it out and make it similar to mercury. This is the only difference in the form of the minerals reported, that is, whether they all will have one kind of mercury and stem from a single root or a mercury before them will be sufficiently shaped solely by other characteristics. However, through the poisonous vapors in the pockets interspersed in the earth so that mercury from a mineral having another spirit might lead to a mercury of such a nature that it can be purified easier than the others and thus one sees in such a one this fact in the sublimation process, since the mercury is often in four different colors, all of which are spirits driven thereinto. On account of this, no mercury dissolves the metal. Then it will be that false colors and impure spirits will be separated and removed. The mercury, however, from the living mercury ore is volatile and is even the most volatile of all minerals and, also, without a single thing, except a very gentle heat, not alone for the purpose of driving it from its ore, but also (by such a gentle heat) to readily purify and refine it and, moreover, that it might equally have such strength and other good qualities as the preceding do not have. And when it now has also been made as completely pure as a crystal as a result of sublimation, then it dissolves much more readily than other minerals, such as mercury, gold, and silver, and combines with them, so that this is a true saying, "Prepare mercury from mercury solution, without ordinary mercury ores". But Philosophers say, "Thus you see that mercury ore attacks the metallic nature of all kinds of metals and fuses them together and, for this reason, you can also believe that it can do that to its mercury even more readily". When the spirit of the pure gold is added to such a rapidly heated mercury, then it makes the gold like the mercury, too, and so one can proceed with the other ores, as previously taught, to prepare tinctures from other metallic ores, thereby leading to mercury or the spirit of the gold. For this reason, nothing is bound to any one certain mineral, since from one such, as from the other, a mercury is obtained. Then a convenient process will result, which can then be utilized. It is also to be noted that whether indeed a mineral containing mercury taken from Nature or from another source that can be repurified like the other, then we must now take such a mineral, as Theophrastus taught, namely the Electrum Minerale Immaturatum (which is such a noble metal) which by itself has no other foreign nature, then as long as the spirit of the metal will be of many kinds, many kinds of processes must also be required to refine the same. In pursuance of this, I will now consider the philosophical work to follow hereafter. In the Name of the Holy Trinity and to the Glory thereto be given. Amen.

Philosophical Work ~

Since the metals in the veins of the earth will be very impure, they must be treated by a very high and noble course of medicine, and then will be cured. The more persistent the illness, the more vigorous the medicine that will be required. Thus, for our Work, there is nothing better than can be taken than the labeled material and for that we must go to the Tree of Gold, as Theophrastus has shown us and has also stated in his book on the Minerals.

The old alchemists knew how to find sulfur and mercury from the Sun and how in the Tree of Gold and its roots he could indeed find it, and might even be able to obtain it cheaply, for the same, namely, salt, sulfur, and mercury, which is mercury, produce gold there. They also talked about a Tinctura Physicorum, in which the old Spagyrists before them had withheld controversial and tedious work, since they had obtained a much easier and better route where they had learned about the Astronomiae Concordance on unanimous opinion of the alchemists, in which Theophrastus speaks about the Lion: "Take now his ruby-colored blood and from the Eagle the whiten gluten, and after you have coagulated the two together, in this way you have obtained the Tincturea Physicorum". What the Red Lion was, however, he said --- at that time and in that same place --- only with obscure words, and there he described the Subjectum Materiae, saying in these words: "The material of the Tincture is a thing which you understand correctly from the Spagyrists, which come from one of two Arts taken from the Vulcani (the Shining One)", and might so still remain as I told you about in his correct terms, according to the old customs, and even that it is the Red Lion, named by many but known by few. Now, the same may be transmuted through the help of Nature and the skill of the artisan in works of the White Eagle, and also, that from a single one, two will result, over which the golden brilliance does not subsequently lighten the Spagyric over the two, viewed as one. If you do not know what the requirements of the ancient astronomers and the customs of the old cabalists (i.e., mystics) are, then you either report for further enlightenment through oral communication or else elect to look into the Arts of Vulcan through God’s help or that of Nature. So much has been said about this, as Paracelsus would say that he used the short way of preparing the tincture from the materials from which all this should be made. It is so clearly described that those who do not understand it will not even be able to guess anything further and are unable to declare it clearly with their mouths. And although it is true that it is given to understand sufficiently the as wisdom, so it will nevertheless be imprudent, and even more foolish, to never learn from this during one’s own lifetime. Thus, from the start, it was indicated clearly enough what the material is from which the tincture should be made and is stated in this way on the basis of one thing alone, and that is, that one needs nothing more than this (just as also the entire soul stands alone in Christ) and should say: "It is and is called the Red Lion". Where, indeed, we seek the same and shall find it, he says, in the Tree of Gold and its roots, since he leads us actually to the one mountain, which is nothing other than the actual Red Lion, and then to that which is no other metal or metallic spirit by itself than the cherished Spirit of Gold. And he, indeed, clearly and properly talks about the fact that in order to demonstrate these words, he said the following: "The Red Lion can be transmuted into the White Eagle, so that the one can become two, and moreover that gold with all its brilliance cannot lighten up the spagyric".

Note well, the word "Gold" and all its brilliance, of which he speaks and by which he means nothing else than the above-mentioned material, and not the ordinary melted gold, proving from this that, since he has directed us to go to the Tree of Gold and its roots, the metals increased, and also in his Archidoxa, as well as his little book on Renovation and Restoration, he said that the gold, indicated in the thousandth part, is not so powerful when melted by the furnace as in its ore, for as soon as this is done, the salt, sulfur and mercury are gone away. He also pointed this out in his manual. For this, we should take Erlectrum minerale immaturatum, that is, the most noble of metals. An item in the little book Electro-Minerals says that from the purer metals, nothing is retained of the art of alchemy. And in his Metamorphoses he also says the same thing about active gold and silver. Rodangionus, in his little book on Signs of the Zodiac, writes that the art of Alchemy is not to be sought or found in metals which are of poor quality and inferior and, so also, will nothing be found in small minerals. Arnold of Villanova in his Alchemical Speculations points out that in no minerals of inferior quality and not even in ordinary gold and silver, and not even in other lesser things, can alchemical arts be found, excepting those in which the gold is the best possibility and satisfies the symbols of cinnabar, that is, it is in the Red Lion. Theophrastus also wrote about such materials in his Alchemists’ Thesaurus, as follows: "We find in the veins of the earth a mineral which, in its first coagulation, appears to be red in color and in it lies sealed all the flowers and colors of the minerals, as well as the good qualities of all metals, and what might be the same in all of them, that is, in this single thing", and noted as such in the same sort of cinnabar ore, for the appearance and color are almost entirely the same. With this, it is shown not only in the daylight what the material is like, but also it indicates what kind of stock we should search for and what kind of metallic seeds we should find. Note well, the gold and silver produce such seeds, which subsequently tend to grow and to increase. In Arrige Aures Pamphile all these words are noted and confirmed by Berhardus, Geber, Alani, Raymond Lully, and many others. Now, this is enough of the review of those works, the material from which we shall take.

If we now wish to proceed further, we must now go on to Paracelsus’ School of Work and to the brief passages which follow, as are readily to be noted and learned from his Scriptis. Then we desired to learn from the Subjectum Materiae vel Tincturae, which is reported clearly enough and shown with the fingers, so he also set up thereby the welcome preparations and said that from one (of the materials noted) two would result, namely, sulfur and mercury, since one of them (mercury) gives the body, on earth, wherein we plant the seeds, i.e., the Sulfur of the Sun, which sulfur is called the Blood of the Red Lion, while the mercury is called the Gluten of the White Eagle. He further stated that when the two coagulated together, then the tincture thus prepared was ready to be used. This is, indeed, a shorter way of preparation, though it gives poorer and inferior results. In addition, he said that, however, this required the services of a well-experienced artisan to serve as Fire master. What a figment of the imagination!

Now, however, everyone might like to know how to make from one (of the materials noted) two different materials and bring seed from the earth and afterwards sow the seeds now and again, so that there would be an increase in the fruit brought forth. Indeed, he did not set forth any separate process of operation therefore, but nevertheless said that those who could not understand from his description would be allowed no further conjecture and, moreover, that nothing more would be added to the Art by God Himself. Thus, it is, however, true that without any further instructions, such words would be of such a limited understanding that they would be almost too difficult, if not impossible, to comprehend and would show further how one should proceed with the material. Then, alone would he be able to say that the material or the tincture should lead to an understanding of the Red Lion, that is, that it is cinnabar, and that it is a thing which involves "one in two through the art of Vulcan", an understanding of the use of fire and heat and how generated and how released from these materials, and how sublimation may be brought about, and that I pass it on to you with its correct nature and the uses of old, so that it is the Red Lion of which much is spoken and little is known. Now, the same may, through the help of Nature and the skill of the artisan, bring about a transmutation in the White Eagle and then, too, may from one (understanding the nature of the material) there come two, that is, sulfur and mercury. More than that, the brilliant reflection from the gold should not illuminate the spagyro. As he would say no more than that, as the two principles, sulfur and mercury, are not used to conduct the work, but are to be kept in reserve, as in the case of the material, which must be only one, and yet, at the same time, may be two. In this brief work is explained not only completely the material, but also the entire work, beginning, middle, and end; and the whole process of preparing the tincture and also the complete work, in which the three things are pointed out, first, the volcanic action, which was treated by the poets in the case of fire, by others as the help of Nature, and by a third group, as the skill of the artisan, and through these three means were the above-mentioned two things, the sulfur and the mercury, in the light made by the Red Lion, caused to happen and terminated therewith, saying that beyond the brightness of the gold, the artisan was not illuminated. As he was wont to say, not to brig the work past that point, either through the help of fire or through the skill of the artisan. Then, when the artisan brings it so far that he has made sulfur and mercury from the material, then he cannot go any further, so he must let God and Nature work it out and then await the fruit. Even as the farmer, who plants seeds in God’s Name and in God’s Seal and proceeds thereupon and God and Nature set about accomplishing the results. The artisan must also do his part if he hopes to make the two from one. What now, however, the three works and what each official or minister of Vulcan or Fire of nature does, using the skill of the artisan, I will now explain briefly here and clear it all up and further point out what is understood by these words, before, however, reporting that us as the Sun in its course through the sky, no one else than through his reagents, which are actually from God Himself, is lit up (enlightened). Men can also see that there is a reagent in this case here which ignites our Sun the same as any fire on earth, since God and Nature have provided him to enable him to work and keep himself alive. So it is true that the heavenly fire from the Sun so influences metals that it is up to us a common earthly event and involves a solidifying and congealing fire. In Heaven, however, this is resolved. If it should come to life, however, it must be through its resembling in appearance that external fire and such a uniform fire was assumed that it burned with a bright flame, which was the spirit of the Fire, and it caught fire and had its effect. Since, however, we are not able to have the Power of heaven or even bring it down to us, then we so needed the Materialistic Fire, which was originally ignited by sparks, so that it burns continuously without ever ceasing and, as long as it has this same material making it up, and can continue to work and by means of the same also acts in metals, due to the igniting of an earthly sun, just as also like can be brought to life by like. Thus, even if wood contains the Fire Principle and is of a combustible nature, still it does not catch fire unless ignited, as by sparks. Moreover, since this fire is not that of the shining Sun, nor is it that of shining gold, it must then be the result of the earthly fire, which is ignited by its sparks, so that it also burns and continues to burn so long as the same combustible material is added to it, so that the one Sun and Light ignites the other, just as the Sun in the Firmament of heaven ignites all the other Stars. This declares to us, as Theophrastus first noted, by way of volcanoes or fire, which the poets have termed the God of Fire or the Smithy of God, through which is understood the materialistic fire in our oven. However, natural Fire, and Nature herself, has in part been suitable to this work, that is, the seeding of fire, which so influences the metals, through the heavenly impressions and markings that were brought about through our fire. And since we here in the world have doubled the heat in our work, so we also are able to complete our work in shorter time, so that in many years Nature is not able to do it at all. The work of artisans is not otherwise than tending fires and managing the same, so that the fire will not be too large or too small, and this is the Key to the whole work effort. Moreover, the sayings of philosophers are filled with this sort of thing in which the whole of the Art consists. Fire and Azoth are sufficient in themselves, and this is enough to say to you and, as various sayings evening the works of the philosopher Bucher have noted, putrefaction, rectification, calcining, distillation, coagulation, sublimation, incineration, etc., lead thereby the foolhardy to conceive that it is everything under the heading of the above-mentioned work, which, nevertheless, since it is our own, should be considered, in our own words, as dictum: "Solvate, coagulate, and pour through a filter bed of rocks, which results in the conferring of considerable success". And, by this work, you will completely fulfill the sayings of the sages, which runs: "Bring Salt to Metal without Corrosive Action and Danger, Thus will You have White and Red".

And now, as Paracelsus has set forth, the entire operation of the separation of materials, and as you are about to make two from one, by adding only fire, so teach again the same two components and say that one should coagulate the blood of the Red Lion with the Gluten from the White Eagle, whereupon the entire tincture will be ready, thereby showing that the entire Art must lie in a single work which will be initiated and completed by a single thing, from which it also has the designation, "By Universal rules, correct and strict". And as the work must be completed in an oven and a vat, and with instruments, nevertheless with the changes in the fire counteracting the secondary effects. And also, the materials, once they are included subsequently in the convenient instrument appropriate thereto, the name of which is not given, until the tincture is ready, therewith once again if is full of the language of philosophers, as follows: "In a vat containing the instrument, you can carry it out from beginning to end". Whoever has diligently studied Bernhard’s Parable, which states that as the King goes alone into his bath and takes none unfamiliar with him, and as long as he remains therein, until he comes out a blood-red color, and also like all the others, the meanest man on earth may be his protector, while no other trouble demands further attention than to heat up the King’s bath, he who looks after all this diligently, will understand my meaning very well and also understand how my words are in agreement with those of philosophers.

Here I call to your attention that you bear in mind what I have made known to you in my previous universal work and how everything in itself has its own seeds, therewith to propagate itself and reproduce its own kind, and how the Red Lion, which is cinnabar transmutes itself, according to the words of Paracelsus, into the White Eagle, "only by adding fire to putrefaction and sublimation into wholesome life", and how, at first, the black color appears, and thereafter the white, which is indeed the proper White Eagle, actually mercury, and at the bottom of the glass vessel remains the blood of the Red Lion and it is the "Sulfur of the Sea", which will be extracted through its own mercury, although in the same place distinct additional mercury will be realized, to work with, to solvate, and to coagulate, which involves the older and longer process, so that he does not know thereby the proper directions, can overload the seed, flood it, and suffocate to death, so that it can bring forth no fruit and is no longer, therefore, able to carry out its function. Accordingly, so must the work be begun with wisdom that the red tincture will be obtained, then the white material must be divided into two parts, one to augment and the other to reduce, the red. In the short method of production, however, the work goes faster and more safely, since all the material involved is kept together and treated at the same time, and nothing therefrom is obtained thereby unless God and Nature have ordained it. Also, it takes mercury, the matter in metals, which is mineral, the semen of man, which is sulfur, themselves added together, with nothing more, that is all that is necessary, so let the powerless alone, for in this way the worker in the field cannot easily be deceived, since he has only to look after the fire. We have here a good example of the evolution of man quite gradually, as the man and the woman often attempt to have a child without success, but only at a time when in the first conception the man’s seed is productive, while at other times all of the other seed is lost. Success occurs only through the natural heat of the woman’s body, which matures the seed of the man and finally, through the interaction of Nature a fully developed living child is obtained. The warmer the child and the better the mother of the child provides nourishment for the child and carries out her other daily chores, the more perfect, the stronger, and the healthier the child will be and the mother will remain.

Here I also have, from the natural understanding of God’s Holy Word, and from the evidence gathered by ancient philosophers and written about the actual process, so that it can be quite clearly recognized, noted that it can be quite clearly recognized, noted that it is not otherwise than that the proper subject, actually cinnabar, be taken, which is beautifully cut like a ruby, as well as in Lecture vz. 8 c., which is found in the mines of the Hungarian mountains, in which place Paracelsus has also shown us, saying that for our king of work no better material can be found than that from Hungary and from Istria. Moreover, on Spruce Mountain, near Gold-Granach, where no other ore was taken if it did indeed yield up gold, then it would be adulterated and impure and not suitable for this kind of endeavor, insomuch as the same generally represented two metals in one or is, on the other hand, contaminated with other metallic "ghosts", so that when this work is completed, a part of this well-prepared Tincture of Natural Philosophy is taken, along with many hundred parts of each of the imperfect metals, which gave the same a more pronounced tincture of real gold in an instant than did the natural and so eliminated the entire examination, the report, and even all other illnesses that medical doctors were unable to cure. However, they were restored and then introduced by a new youthfulness which a 60 or 70 year old man will also see, which will make him feel like a 20 year old youth and many more wonderful blessings than this, which have the ability to act as a strength-giving medicine. And how such a tincture is to be produced in greater amounts and how it is to be administered, and how projections and proposals can be brought forth have been reported by me earlier.

One also sees how the work is brought to completion from a material in an oven, glass container, or other type of receptacle, in one experiment after another, by using increased amounts to heat. And, even though the work and the art by you yourself is completely inferior in quality, the philosophers have also pointed out "It is wife’s work and children’s play". Even so, it still requires a well-qualified artisan to be the fire-master. Moreover, the work may be completed easily enough without danger in 16 weeks. The entire operation can be described briefly in the following verses, which were initially penned in Paracelsus’ own handwriting:

There is a stone, and yet no stone
In which the entire Art stands alone.
It is found under the ground and mountain,
Wherein dwell giants and dwarfs.
I tell you this out of kindness,
Whoever has the same thing, the mist,
And the Red Lion shines clearly,
Drawing out Mercury, completely, pure and clean,
Likewise, in the same manner sulfur, and I tell you truly,
Which serves as the basis of the Art so completely.

I must report still a further word to you, for above it is said that no other one should be taken than this one, which one wishes to attempt to transmute into gold. So know also that all metals arise from a common root source, as pointed out sufficiently, but still one metal or ore may be found purer in Nature than are the others, and on account of this, since one of the materials mentioned could not contain cinnabar. It might even be a copper itself, extracted from a pure ore which comes the closest to transmuting the gold, as earlier pointed out. That such ores were themselves alone mentioned, which were worked and then combined, must be added subsequently as a pure seed either to gold or silver, for by itself alone, however, can the mercury, as the philosophical soil, produce no seed nor sustain any growth. Then the philosophers say: "Our stone does not tincture anything and must then have been previously tinctured itself, only poorly completed, clear, snow-white, as in an ore tap, like a wax on a soil, which when well fertilized and pressed against, goes forward. Then, when you come to think that all metals come from a common root, you will soon be able to exhaust the subject of the origin of minerals".

Nevertheless, I shall not conceal from you the fact that the mercury cannot be extracted from one mineral ore as well as from another. It is very easy from the cinnabar. Moreover, if sulfur is burned, from the silver it can also be readily extracted, and also by gentle digestion using moderate heating and from other ores copper, antimony, iron with stronger heat, though still very impure, iron alone extracts lead, tin, gold bearing pyrites, gold-quartz, all these with stronger heat, and solely from mercury ores or minerals, but most slowly of all, then minerals containing the noble metals, sulfur, resembling a ruby, apparently bearing it itself.

Now, will we, in the name of the Holy Trinity, with this passage, and sufficient philosophical advice, end this and write the actual laboratory report.

Resume of the Theory and Practice of the Whole Tincturing Process ~

Take the raw material, which you readily recognize as entirely pure and, as such, has become most beautiful, since it is not contaminated by any other metallic, dark-making "ghosts". Then, when dark and not pure, so that as earlier pointed out, it might not be safe, so that such purifying must be carried out in order that the work will not be ruined. In case, however, a question arises, although no particular test gives positive results, which could be identified as such, still it is much safer to work in Corpore Lunae (the Body of the Moon), that is, in finely powdered silver, since after purification and fine powdering, it is distilled "by Saturn", so that no strange spirits will be in want of anything, and in its original manner, as mercury, which is in the first material reduced by mercury of the philosophers, which is purified through one of the mercuries, as pointed out earlier, and from a beautiful, clear, transparent ore, extracted and made pure, and also of a crystalline nature, which is a special secret of all secrets, with which one could work more safely and not be mistaken, the grasp of which they know very little, but Paracelsus had discovered such and he then wrote with clarity: "He knows the destruction of the metals as well as their reproduction". To bring this about, then, the older philosophers had many kinds of ways of grasping it. They also had many kinds of materials, one of which is even suitable in ordinary water and is the slowest of processes. Then there is the process of Basil Valentine in copper, of Bernard in gold ore, of Roger Bacon in antimony, and those of many other philosophers working with other minerals, although they all have an effect on one another for a purpose (although they all react differently), they are in exact agreement, since you know now how to treat it. I have discovered here a remarkable secret (in other manuscripts where the mercury extracted from the mineral shall give to it --- the extracted material --- its form and shape through its own characteristic properties, which I will never disclose. Moreover also, since I have your attention, I will say that the extraction from the mineral cinnabar reveals (and I have also delayed in telling you this) that the red material or carbuncle should be dashed to pieces and then finely pulverized, like its own Corpus Mercurii. Then when that does not occur, the mercury cannot afterwards dissolve its own corpus (substance) and this is likewise the greatest secret of anyone in the entire alchemical art and when that does not happen and the mercury is barely extracted by itself alone in a colorless form, it will nevertheless go into solution. For that reason I have disclosed to you such information in the strictest confidence, because the sorrow of Christ ordains it, for it is the greatest secret of the entire art of the alchemist, so one must have the acrid water which is able to dissolve metals, whose characteristics you now know intimately and are here distinguishable on the basis of the administration of fire and leaves its mark on all fleeces, with which indeed no mistake could possibly be made, the certain way to bring about transmutation. Nevertheless, both methods should be known, the old slow way and the new fast way, but the latter is the better way.

For this reason, consideration should be given to material cinnabar which is absolutely pure. It should be pulverized as finely as possible, until it is as fine as meal, using a marble mortar and pestle. Take 12 parts of this same powder and mix it thoroughly with one part of slightly colored Mountain Luna, which is increased silver by nature, which is dissolved by the aquafortis, then precipitated, and then is completely sweetened by rain water, which scours the crude red material very well all though one another, so that one or the other might not be recognized very easily, and then they were placed together might not be recognized very easily, and then they were placed together in a vial and luted until completely stable with Luto Sapientiae and allowed to stand in a sand bath for one month, so that only the mouth of the flask extends above it. After 8 days over a gentle fire, so gentle that one can endure quite easily the putting of his hand in the sand without being burned and then for an additional 8 days and nights over a stronger fire, with the temperature rising only about one degree, and then finally during the last 8 days with the sand so hot that a drop of water evaporates immediately therefrom, while the product is making a hissing sound. It must not be allowed to become red hot, however, for when this first starts to happen, quickly take it out, and you will then find a white material at the top of the container, which in reality is the prime material, or the mercury, which is the living soul of the metal, through which hereafter all corpora of the metal can be reduced to the prime material or Humidum Radicale (i.e., radical containing moisture), which is the "living mercury" of the philosophers. This is the Secret Water, which has indeed given so countless many names, since all of the philosophers have written so much about it, yet it is still so obscure that one must admit that it does indeed, hold in very great secrecy that which God wills.

Also to the Glory of God the Almighty, you have now the preparation of the clear, strong "vivifying water", which is indeed the "Acetum of the Philosophers", in which all metals are converted into their prime material, the Humidum Radical or the living mercury, the starting point for alchemical art and work, the masterly essence of living matter, I will now explain to you how you should purge the mercury, or separate the pure from the impure, so that no filthiness will be present that might bring shame to you, whereby our mercury, so sensitive and pure, might be added to its body of matter, and the bridegroom lie with his bride on their wedding night and make her pregnant, so that their family might increase and children be born without number, but, then, when this purification of the mercury does not take place, it might be impossible to finish this work. How this is accomplished, I will subsequently explain to you in complete honesty.

When now you have also extracted the mercury and it occurs by sublimation as a beautiful white product, beautiful bright, and shining like a crystal, then take the same, completely purified, from the vat and be careful with it so that no impurities are added. Then take the mercury and pulverize it in a clean mortar and pestle made of marble, causing the mercury to move gently. Note well: Repeat the process in a hermetically sealed vial, then again set it in a sand bath and allow it to stand over an appropriate fire for 2 hours, where one could be able to allow to remain for the entire 2 hours, and therefore heat for an additional 2 hours in a more drastic environment, and still further for a third 2 hour interval at even higher temperatures over so strong a fire that the sand bath makes hissing sounds when water is sprayed over it. In this way, the mercury was prepared from the silver and its excess in the silver overlapping and remained as such, whereby it is appropriate to extract the soul from the body, for this mercury is the spirit which is so fiery and draws t itself the soul from the body. For it is indeed the spirit which is the vehicle of life. Now you must see how the elements were separated. First, the Spirit on the mercury of the philosophers was drawn out from the body in the first preparation of the silver, after which followed the soul, and lastly, remained the dead body, which became ashes. Also you will need to see how the Spirit was united with the Soul and you will certainly see a great wonder in the above separation. For rays will shoot now and then into the glass vessel, and the peaks of the rays are swept together like long spears, and above each of the spears, is a natural star, which the hands of man do not have the power to make, and this is the new creation of the new world, or, as the philosophers would say, is like the birth of a new world, with stars like the colors of the rainbow. This secret belongs more to God than to man, as Paracelsus said. Then we see the Purified Soul, which will also illuminate our own soul on the Say of Judgment, so that it will be purified from sin and be perfected, and then you will see a completely beautiful thing, the wonder of which may be like nothing ever before known.

At this point we will write further and look about to see how the body will be dissolved and the Spirit of Life drawn to itself and received with joy. But, nevertheless, I will here and now explain how this mercury shall be enlarged and then will be able to permit many of them to the washing of the black earth, as follows: Note well, that here we think how this mercury was made, so that at this point only one example of leaven, as it is added to the flour, so will leaven be added to that which we use in our alchemical art.

Increase in Mercury ~

Take 12 parts of this purified mercury and 1 part of finely filed silver and from them make an amalgam, which will also be finely pulverized and put it into a vial and hermetically seal and then allow it to stand for a prolonged period of time in warm water until is noticed that the entire body is converted into mercury, which becomes corroded away, like aquafort does to the silver, and also as it does to all of the mercury, and in this way you can increase it forever and even ad infinitum. This is spoken of as the "whitening of the black earth".

Solution, Putrefaction, and Mortification ~

In the Name of God, grasp and retain our digested preparation of mercury and take one part of it in a flask or vial and mix it well, then set the container in warm ashes for 6 weeks, whereupon you will observe precipitation taking place at such heat, until finally there is an ending of the intimate contact, and at the bottom of the flask a black substance will remain. It will not be black as coal, but will be dark as ashes. Then you will know that the first phase of the work, the solution and putrefaction, is complete and that the mortification, is complete and that the mortification of the body is actually taking place.

How the Black Earth is Made White and the Dead Body is Raised Up From the Dead ~

Treat the black earth with a half part of mercury, prepared as above, then pulverize the two materials together in an appropriate glass vessel, making certain that the two materials are thoroughly mixed until they are subsequently in intimate contact, which process requires approximately 8 days. Thereupon, you should observe the Soil, whether it shall be transformed from the black color to the white or remain blended together. Then take it out and treat it with mercury or the silver water (nitric acid). Seal hermetically after pulverizing and mixing thoroughly and again allow it to stand for an additional 8 days. Then take it out for a third time and allow it to stand again with 100 grams of nitric acid with diligent stirring to achieve thorough mixing to allow it to dissolve by intimate contact for 8 days and night, and then coagulate as before and treated with 140 grams of "silver water" (nitric acid) well triturated together and mixed and then allowed to stand for 8 days and nights and then allowing to coagulate, At this time the other work is also complete.

The Partitioning of the Stones as the Third Phase of the Work ~

According to the phase of the work you will be partitioning the gem stones and this involves the use of a white and red tinctures and shows you at that time the earth, which before was black, has now been whitened through the action of nitric acid, so that it is prepared to receive the entire ferment or Soul, which is white or red, and everything comes to pass according to the rule that what one sows, one also reaps, if one sows gold, then one reaps gold; if one sows silver, then one reaps silver, and so, when one sows gold or silver in the freshly plowed earth, then he will bring forth in a hundredfold yield.

What the Ferment Should Be ~

The ferment or seed, which is allowed to lie in the soil should be a very beautiful, carefully prepared silver-lime for whitening, which should be porous and white, as I will speak more about later on, and for coloring red it should be a very beautiful, carefully prepared gold-lime and should also be added, together with the previously mentioned amount of material, checked subsequently, so that it consists of 21 drams of white earth, 14 drams of moon water, and 10 drams of lime or ferment. It is also to be understood that for 3 parts of white earth there needs to be 2 parts of nitric acid and one and one-half parts of Ferments. These three items shall be finely pulverized together with special diligence in a marble mortar and pestle, along with good mixing taking place at the same time. The process is carried out in a glass vessel, well-covered when the material is added hot. The material thereupon coagulates into a hard white material, which is removed and pulverized finely and then added to the third part of its water and subjected further to moderate heat, whereupon it begins to sweat until this liquor is evaporated and the product becomes a stone. This evaporation, and the diligent effort it requires, should cause no annoyance, since our stone is enlarged as a result and in this way becomes improved and perfected. Thus, the imbibition is allowed to take place many times, until the stone becomes complete and fixed and all defective material is tinctured in the Lunar Liquid, or gold, to the Glory of God.

Careful Markings of Merit ~

One must examine and pay careful attention to whether it will melt on a hot copper-lead block without fumes, but where this is not the case, it must be treated more drastically to be dissolved on standing and therefore coagulated on a warm ash bath and dry on a stone, whereupon it is ready to be tinctured.

The Stone to Use for This ~

When this work, as earlier pointed out, is finished, can take the first white stone and divide it into 3 parts, the first of which is kept for preparing future products, which shall originally be brought into contact with the Ferment and then well-dried on the fire. The drying process involved here can be carried out in two different ways, the first of which allows the material to stand for 8 days and nights and thereafter be further treated with activated mercury (first of all, however, purified with the silver cleaned mercury or silver water (nitric acid), 3 parts, triturated and imbibed, as earlier noted, where it was stated that the same would be needed to convert the black earth into white earth, and when imbibition has taken place, then sweating (syneresis) will occur, so let it, and take the liquid by itself that the entire process may be maintained and expanded, like an eternal work, in this way from an initial 3 days and nights to 8 days and nights. On the other hand, when you have the white earth ferment, which is a sizeable undertaking in itself, you are able daily to accomplish this by using activated mercury, which is added to "silver water", 15 parts, and then allowed to increase by itself on standing from day to day, the weight calculated to be also 15 parts. How many parts one takes therefrom depends on how much one wishes to risk. One might wish to risk the excess, which one knows to be the 15th part of his silver water, which he has added from day to day, first by adding a few drops and rubbing it in, then as the silver water becomes well mixed in, heat carefully at an absolute minimum heat.

Another part of the whitened stone will be used in the fermentation process, involving silver-lime and its water (nitric acid), which activated the mercury and works continuously, so that it produces a perfect tincture, as is described abundantly, and satisfactorily, in a previous work.

One may use the third part to prepare the red tincture, which then lies hidden secretly in the white tincture, which is recognized in the work.

How the Red Tincture Should be Employed ~

Take one part of the white tincture, which had been heated earlier then completely pulverize it, and put it in an appropriate container and heat at a moderate rate (but greater than before in the case of the white tincture) and it will be sublimed within 14 days. The sign that you will especially take not in this part of the work is that the white earth is turned into red earth, which then increases, depositing itself on the glass walls of the container, so long as the fine is continued and the heat maintained, it all becomes red, like burnt saffron, and the earth is ready to receive the seeds of gold, with which it first shows an increase and then shows imbibition. Here, it happens, as the philosophers have pointed out, that the red man marries the white woman, so now the red earth, which previously was white, is taken and pulverized until completely fine, and then wetted by the Mercurium Solis (royal mercury, i.e., activated mercury); which is prepared in many forms, like the mercury of the moon. The Mercurium Solis (literally, the Mercury of the Sun) is prepared, as follows: Take mercury which has been thoroughly purified as previously indicated, and 10 grams of very thin gold leaf, beaten in a gold-beater, and finely pulverized, and from this prepare an amalgam, as previously described in the case of Mercurium Lunae (Mercury of the Moon), and put it, after thoroughly mixing, in a vial, seal it, and allow it to stand in warm water, until you see that the gold from the mercury which has become corroded also increases the mercury from the Sun. After moistening this product with the Mercurium Solis, the moistened red earth is now made into a stone by rubbing the resultant material together intimately, then pouring it into a glass flask and allowing it to warm for 8 days over a small flame, during which time it will undergo syneresis until it dries out and becomes hard. This entire operation is repeated a second, third and fourth time and each time the process is carried out just like the first, including the wetting down, the addition of the charge, and allowing to undergo syneresis for 8 days and night. After repeating the fourth time, then it will be time for the stone to give up its Soul and undergo fermentation, until a red product is obtained, which is then weighed until the earth amounts to 3 parts of the same, the gold water, or Mercurium Solis 2 parts, and the gold-lime 15 parts. The resulting product is then thoroughly pulverized and the well-pulverized material is treated as previously. The amount of heat is slowly increased and as a result of syneresis and breaks up into smaller particles, it reaches its final form, from which one part is taken as the increase and treated as before by Augmento Lunae. To redden it, Mercurium Solis (Mercury of the Sun) is used by itself alone, so it becomes excited by the gold, whereby the Trinity, body, mind, and soul, again come together and then appears to be composed, here in the red words, again indeed of black, white, and red colors, and even in the white works, from which you shall be able to observe the progress of the entire operation with the greatest of diligence, as has been described earlier in the work, from the preparation of the white tinctures up until the completion of the entire operation, and the liquid had been used up which had been fortified with gold water (i.e., choice Danzig brandy) in an equal amount by weight, as previously has been noted in the case of the white tincture or silver water (nitric acid), and as so often was done, again moistened and soaked until the final completion, as also was noted well, that you can maintain in the red work the fire at such a heat that thereby you will obtain the stone colored throughout in the deepest red color, like that of a garnet. Thus, by the Almighty and Compassionate God, everlasting Holy, Honored, and Praised.

Exhortation to the Gracious Elector ~

God Almighty has made himself to be a judge between Your Gracious Elector and me, so I now report the truth, for your Gracious Elector will do me good or ill on the basis of my deeds. I declare this, with God’s help, that this is the only clear basis and knowledge of Holy Works of Art and Mysteries, of which I hold back nothing, the comprehension of which alone is impossible for me to describe, although Your Gracious Elector himself, nevertheless, has adequate knowledge. For when a thing is indeed represented so clearly, and when it is undertaken, however, it may (as so often happens) proceed under other circumstances. Therefore, since I have such a significant witness, neither I nor your Gracious Elector can be deceived. I must also take care where I should like to do it, even though such might be punished by God, that in revealing this divine secret of God regarding Your Gracious Elector of the salvation and the holiness that you can allow to come to this place, for the purpose that it will make good use of what is otherwise evil, and, for this, you must, therefore, give the strictest judgment of God’s reckoning and of whether Your Gracious Elector believes that it might be a lie or a fable, for so shall you know, notwithstanding, that I do not spend my hope of heaven so frivolously that I do not report the truth. This, then, like everything else described here, and touched by my hands and seen with my own eyes. To me also, in other respects impossible and inhuman, in this practice, reveals the influence of the color, the time, the day, and the hour, as well as also of the entire work, the material cinnabar, the solutions, the coagulations, the white and the red work so ordinary in its execution and in its reporting, nevertheless may be, in no small part, philosophy, as long as the world lasts, and so, Your Gracious Elector, in no philosophical book ever made can be found the time of your life, or can it even hope ever to be found in the future. Meanwhile, since I am baptized in Christ, as well as any other Christian, as the Great Lord and Almighty well knows, I am also mortal and all sins are brought into subjection, so that I do not know when God will call me Home, whereupon the elements will be able to be separated from one another, but I might not be involved myself or be able to do this, since I do not wish it.

Now, if Your Grace, the Elector, please, so dear to you is your happiness and gratitude to God in Heaven to permit you to understand that you are worthy of this most important secret, I will reveal to you that which is the highest and the best. I will also not hide from you the slightest detail, but will reveal to you and explain to you the miracles and wondrous signs of our Mercury through the threefold paths which are to follow, so, accordingly, I myself appeal to Your Grace, the Elector, at all times, to demonstrate so much in 4 weeks that it can be seen that my suggestion is valid and not the result of a sophisticated grasp of the issues, for not, as it were, in nature and Art, however, can it be see what our Mercury could be after extraction, provided it is made as previously noted, namely, also, that it is white, clear as crystal, and easily accomplished.

First Miracle of Our Mercury ~

If Your Grace, the Elector, please, when our mercury appears, as a clear, brilliant, and transparent crystal, then the same (not more than 10 grams) and 1 dram of gold wax, and 1 dram of benedict’s soap, placed together in a flask having no cover thereon, and a gently fire beneath, then the produce will begin to turn black and coagulate on the mercury and it has become a metal, since it clears away the smoke previously in the fire, although there is no metal that appears to be of the same type, in either form or behavior, still however, when it has become a metal through the coagulation process, then it appears as the most beautiful silver, although it is not at all clear at this point that the real cause is whether it will take up sulfur itself or not, namely, from the wax and the soap, which are both fatty and sulfurous, but this information is not exactly familiar and well known and contrary to its own nature, since it requires nothing other than its equivalent of sulfur to coagulate it with, and it has also coagulated this sulfur, as Your Grace will now see, for it is nevertheless a property of this sulfur, but is instead a beautiful wonder of Nature that transforms our own mercury, through a less understood principle of nature, in its form, its content, its properties, and its characteristics, into a metal. Be that as it may, it is not, however, like other metals, either in form or in content. From this, Your Grace, you can conclude how soon it should be performed, when something foreign comes into our material or something impure might result from our work. At this point, Your Grace, since it can be accomplished through the help of trusted friends, as previously reported, in seeking the pre-determined Hungarian material, which is entirely pure, although whether indeed to obtain the same, which would require considerable expenditure of time and money, and to introduce all of it into the work and thus advance the progress of the world, might be debatable, even though it would make the artisan less confused in the operation of the process. It could also be carried out quite well with material which can be found in Germany in some of the mountains around here, although this has not been found to be necessary for a long time, since indeed it frequently could be the cause of spoiling the work, on account of the many impurities and extensive types of minerals which they have there, which hundreds of specialists in the field do not recognize or know how to analyze. Consequently, then, many of these may constitute serious problems, on which God’s creations, Mother Nature, and the writings of the philosophers are looked as the cause of such inaccuracies, although the more reasonable men are able to handle such rough understandings. However, when one is not illuminated so broadly by God, and the work does not reward him according to his expectations, then he should, nevertheless, not disdain t desire the lofty endowments of God concerning his ignorance, for which reason, Your Grace, you must take this opportunity to be reminded constantly, to be sure, and permit yourself to bear in mind the great wonder which the Almighty God has stored up in these materials, although this is a situation, at least, you will not long have to endure.

Second Miracle of Our Transmutation of Mercury (Copper into Silver) ~

On the other hand, and even still more and most wonderful of all, when I take 10 grams of this copper and add it to the molten metal, then the copper is colored with such a stable color, which is like that of the silver, so that also this white color of the copper may not be taken up by any route, since even the copper is driven off by the lead and it is then that the copper is driven away completely by the addition of excess lead (nevertheless 100 times as much lead must be used, and before it is gone, the calculated amount of copper is added) thereto and the wonder is observed and our mercury is stable and in the fine has its strong coloring and penetrating power, which can always be seen here and should be noted more fully where its characteristics are observed for a longer period of time and Nature’s laws are followed more carefully.

And, Your Grace, when the metal mercury was treated likewise, like a large bean carried in the flow of molten metal and so was converted instantaneously into metal, which disappeared and could be seen no longer when it came out, without any smoke, just like fire consumes tinder or wax melts under a light and becomes soft as a result, so does ordinary mercury assuredly coagulate in the fire and smokes, although gold and silver are therein, which then is a wonder of wonders, when this is also combined with a foreign metal, which is unlike it and can be sufficiently recognized, since it is a wonderful display, which is not like anything else in Nature.

Third Miracle of Our Transmutation of Mercury (Mercury into Silver) ~

In the third place, Your Grace, from our mercury metal, I must tell you further about the wonders that take place when you take the metal mercury and pulverize it finely by filing silver and putting all of the filings in a small flask and pouring over them carefully distilled spirits of wine, so that the filings are covered to a height of one finger. The liquid portion is then poured off and the process is then repeated several times, the more the better. The wine drawn off is finally heated, whereupon the mercury melts. On cooling, the residue of molten metal contains the mercury, which at this point is an especially beautiful white color, like silver, and this material is then pulverized, so you will be able to find out how much good silver has been obtained from the mercury, sothat it at once may be evident what was the result of our sophisticated study, not to mention also its proper carrying out, so that Nature can thereupon take its course of following up.

And now, Your Grace, we entrust further developments to Almighty God.

Other Universal Work and Short Summary of the Lapidis Benedicti ~

Take red-golden ore (which may be contaminated with small amounts of foreign material), which is beautifully transparent, much like rubies, which are found in the St Laurenz and St Vincenz Mountains of Hungary, which were referred to by Paracelsus in his Tinctura. Because of this, no other ore was even considered, since it behaves like gold (and contains only Lunae Spiritus) and is volatile, but actually this ore is as finely pulverized as dust on a marble block and not on metal, and remains pure and spotless. Weigh out 12 parts of this powder, mix well with one part of finely filed silver, and then add the silver-chalk from the Aqua Forte (nitric acid) until precipitation occurs and then wash the precipitate well with rain water. This does not permit analysis in this work, since it is only opinion, that is to say, arrived at only by thinking about it. After grinding well together, the product is carefully sealed in clear-glass round-bottom flask, and allowed to stand for 24 days in an ordinary circular bath or 42 days in a dug bath, so that in 14 days the Head of the Raven appears, and the same should be increased gradually, as follows: "Fecundum Gradus" (fruitful stage) of the universals described heretofore, even to the white mercury above, sublimed white and beautiful, seen as a crystal, this same mercury being then the mother of metals and the rich earth, wherein our seed must be sown. In his work, the seeds of gold remain at the bottom of the flask. Thereafter, the flask containing this material is invented so that the seeds of the gold or the sulfur fall to its own ground, in which it previously was growing. When the seeds are then swallowed up by the earth and the mercury itself is again growing up, the flask must again be inverted and continue to remain according to this arrangement until the earth surrounding the seed begins to change color and a beautiful green grass puts in its appearance and undergoes further change to all sorts of different colors, until finally the entire field takes on a golden color. At that point the work is complete. Then as often as the mercury continues to grow up because of the seed or the sulfur and suspends itself from above, just soften does it take on another form and color, which becomes very obvious. Then where the red color shows up ahead of time, the fire has had its greatest effect and must be recognized at all times from the color, for the fire must always be under control, and this no one can ever predict, since this puts him in the position of having to have his eye on everything. In such a work, all colors appear which can be found on earth, thereupon the flask frequently give the impression that it is covered over with a golden coating. However, the color disappears with time and the stable white color or Alba Regina (literally, White Queen) of which one part per countless thousand parts, remains (in all imperfect but nevertheless purged metals of highest purity), in which most of the purest and best metals are tinctured. The better it is, the more natural. Moreover, such occurs instantaneously. If one continues further, however, until the white form is converted into the red, and finally into the ruby-like type, the red carbuncle being converted into the highest type, countless thousands of parts of every imperfect metal are purged instantaneously into the highest and best gold, and this occurs in all samples.

David Beuther’s Vitriol Process ~

When the beautiful Spiritum ex Vitriolo (vitriol spirit), next made in the flask in pure form from the gold or by heating 10 pounds of vitriol and thereupon poured off from this spirit, so that it would be well to moisten it, seal it, and then allow it to digest 40 days and nights over a gentle fire and distill over a small flame, the resulting spirit is called the Mercury of the Philosophers and that obtained after sublimation and distillation from the ore is the Sulfur of the Philosophers.

Take now the ore remaining as a residue in the flask, powder it finely, and treat it with the liquid drawn off, and then distill the product over a gentle flame for a period of 5 hours, until a white vapor is seen to arise and hang above the flask, then keep it well sealed. Repeat this process by decanting off the water extract and sublime the white material until no sublimate is any longer obtained from the Caput Mortuum. The sublimated of white sulfur is retained and the waste ore, or Caput Mortuum, is discarded.

Thereafter, these white fumes of sulfur are sublimed one more time and the waste material remaining behind is again discarded. Take the sublimed sulfur, as is, from the water distilled off and the mercury, as is, and put them in a flask, seal it well, and heat over a gentle flame, whereupon you will see an increase in the white clouds, which will be allowed to stand until they have coagulated. At the bottom of the flask, everything remains dry.

Now take just as much of he above-mentioned water as is equal to the weight of coagulated sulfur, mix thoroughly, lute well, and allow to dry as before.

The third time, half as much of the water is added as is equal to the weight of the material present in the glass at this time and allow to evaporate until coagulation takes place and the product becomes dry.

Fourthly, add half as much of the water as is equal to the weight of the material remaining in the flask and allow it to evaporate till dry. After such procedure, treatment of the material is considered to be completed.

Taking the coagulated material, lute it in "philosophers’ egg" until solid and then digest it gently, until the most beautiful colors that you have ever seen appear one after another. Ask no questions about anything that follows, but allow the mixture to stand until it appears as a black mass, then do nothing further until the black mass becomes as white as pearls, then heat slightly more vigorously until it begins to turn red, then keep heating a little more until it becomes blood red, then turn up the heat as high as possible, until it can no longer be turned up.

Take up the powder, as prepared, in wax and add it to 100 parts of molten gold, whereupon it will be pure tincture, of which 1 part per 100 parts will purge copper in the flux to tincture clear gold.

Ammoniacal Process Carried Out by Beuther and Colleagues at the Royal Laboratory ~

On November 1, Beuther and I each weighed out 2 pounds of antimony, 1 pound of iron-filings, and 1/2 pound of prepared chalk into separate crucibles and put them in a drying oven. The crucible was covered with flat charcoal and the oven contained well-covered charcoal and was allowed to stay at full heat. Thus the antimony was added to the iron, and the chalk to the several parts which were, however, impure. When all this was covered over, the antimony began to flow into the fat. Using an ash-colored flame (having a slightly greenish cast) below the crucible and arsenic in the fumes arising therefrom above the charcoal or the covered crucible, the fumes became completely white, and as soon as it was completely consumed, boiling and sputtering commenced, so that it was evident that the reaction was taking place. The crucible was then removed, since the material therein was nearly molten and had been converted into iron, which had been concentrated by stirring the contents of the crucible, which was then removed from the drying oven, and poured into the mold. When cooling was complete, the slag could easily be removed from the finished product, which was then weighed and found to come to 440 grams, much of the original material having been consumed by the fire. Since, however, I had carried out such work in the presence, and under the instruction of D. Beuther, although I have carried out one test by myself alone in his absence and have made another reduction as a model, and have obtained the same composition and weight, and have verified the same, and have allowed it to remain in the fire half an hour longer, before pouring it off, and have obtained 440 grams of the product. Although we were able to proceed further with the reduced product, Beuther had allowed the same to stand overnight, only that he might be able to assure me how the sulfur must be prepared and used.

Preparation of Sulfur ~

From 2 pounds of saltpeter, in a new glass vessel, covered over with cold water, and set aside to heat, without however, being allowed to boil, was obtained a solution, on stirring; subsequently, 5 pounds of commercial powdered sulfur were poured into a glass vessel and the saltpeter solution was poured off and the sulfur stirred until it settled on the bottom and was then allowed to stand overnight. Such sulfur should thereafter be allowed to stand a good while in water and then allowed to dry. It can be obtained pure rather easily, and stored several years without spoilage and used.

Beuther’s Further Communication on Antimony ~

When large amounts of arsenic are made from antimony, using 1 pound of antimony, it is possible by this process to introduce only 2 times as much, using iron and chalk, so that adverse conditions will be held to a minimum and so that silver can be added immediately and no longer be taken away. Also, the silver will compact and be fixed immediately after the first addition of gold, as shown.

Item: When the antimony in the fire will be too turbulent or too sparkling like a star or will appear to be too long in germinating, then pure pieces or dry iron filings must always be used. However, if too much iron is taken, the saltpeter and the prepared sulfur is added and in each case the firing or casting should surpass one mark by about half a drachma. Such a figure can often, through smelting and casting, amount to 100 to 200 grams of gold to bring the required amount of reduction. When half as much antimony is obtained and nothing is lost in the firing process, then this work has proven satisfactory. And, although the antimony, when added to the product, reacts, it is, nevertheless, very unserviceable and must be further worked to be useful.

In this chapter is now to be found the entire basis, and here we will proceed with the iron and equal treatment of the copper obtained from the iron, so that you will see what God has done for us by combining with the fixed silver, in these proportions: 4 parts of copper from iron, 4 parts of pure gold, and also of fixed silver, and then driving off the resulting lead.

On November 2, Beuther drew off the water, lying supernatant above the sulfur, and containing the saltpeter, which after standing a day and a night, the clean liquid was decanted off, and the moisture thereby skimmed off also came therefrom. The sulfur was put in a vessel and set over a low charcoal fire and then was allowed to coagulate very slowly, so that it no longer contained any moisture. Then, when it had been converted essentially into antimony, the danger might lie in the fact that it is a matter of concern.

 The sulfur must be well stirred with a wooden spatula, so that it will not ignite nor catch fire. Moreover, it can combine with both substances when it is almost completely dry, such sulfur must be kept in an earthenware container, dried out completely over a fire. The sulfur can be stored after careful treatment and remain stable for an entire year and, when adequate care is taken, when sulfur is added to copper then one could not even suspect that the sulfur contained latent saltpeter.

On the same day at about 9 o’clock in the morning Beuther had his plan, according to which 440 grams of the above material were weighed out, with a fourth as much, namely 110 grams, of precipitated chalk and the same weight of iron filings, and the crucible was put over a fire until nine-thirty. The antimony did not melt as soon as it has previously, but required longer time the more difficult it was to liquefy, for the reason that it had lost its sluggishness for the most past from the first contact and when added to silver, as is its custom, it took away from the first contact and when added to silver, as is its custom, it took nothing away nothing and even immediately with gold on the addition of Luna Fixa. In another heating the antimony was somewhat more flow resistant than was the case in the first heating, even though the chalk was useful in removing its impurities. But when it had been enough in the first heating, additional amounts of chalk could be added. As often as the antimony is smoke-dried, or heated again, the usual gray-green flame in the fire can always be seen and, since it is more volatile form of sulfur, it remains on the charcoal or the instruments and stays there, completely white, and not a little unlike saltpeter. It must be stirred 2 or 3 times until it flows very readily and just as Beuther had to smoke-treat his antimony for a third time, so he also found slag, which he reported yesterday for the first time, and then added it in order to be able to bring out a new pattern. Approximately 15 minutes past 11, he allowed the entire model to cool, which weighed 500 grams after removal of the slag. At a quarter till 12, my model was completed and as the clock was striking 12, I added yesterday’s slag again and put it on the fire for a third time. Both the model material and the slag now had a lead color and show small points and, as Beuther had reported, when the antimony dissolved the fixed antimony took on a beautiful gold color. As the clock struck one, I took my model material from the fire and weighed it. The material without slag weighed two and a half weights. And, while a lot of slag had been thrown on top of the model material, the slag continued to be added by the fire, so that the correct weight of the model material could be determined. Since Beuther had by this time permitted his slag a good half hour in the fire, he had a handful or three of poor quality saltpeter, along with a precipitate of arsenic which had been deposited in the crucible, The slag was stirred and eventually removed. Freed from the slag, Beuther’s model sample weighed 2 pounds minus 40 grams. However, I have the slag from my own specimen, without any additives, in the crucible set briefly on the fire just prior to two o’clock in the afternoon. At about 2 o’clock I put 2 good handfuls of saltpeter in paper rolled up for that purpose and at a quarter past 3 o’clock the crucible was taken out and the sample material was separated from the slag and added to the previous sample material. The product weighed 10 grams less than 4 marks, but still 30 grams more than Beuther’s preparation. This may be due to the fact that Beuther’s preparation remained in the fire. From my sample material I have obtained bits of information which I can use for my model, since the sample material will be shaped according to the type of fire and so will its appearance. As the clock was striking 3 in the afternoon, Beuther had fired his sample material for the third time and immediately it melted and he found that he had 80 grams of prepared sulfur available. The antimony had been completely stirred into it. Thereby then, most conveniently, since water was flowing therefrom, he subsequently poured it into the mold. It was then a quarter past 4. The sample now weighed 40 grams less than 2 pounds. As soon as Beuther had removed his crucible from the fire, I added mine containing the sample and allowed it to remain at high heat for a quarter of an hour, whereupon 80 grams of prepared sulfur were added with vigorous stirring. The resulting product was then poured off and allowed to cool. After the fourth melting it weighed 3 marks. Therefrom I presented the Elector with 2 test sample portions in order to determine whether he accepted the silver which was offered him as well as he did show gratitude for the gold. Then on the 3rd of November, at a quarter till 10 in the morning, I fired my sample for the fifth time and when it had melted I added 40 grams of sulfur to it and poured it from the crucible. The sample weighed 2 pounds and 40 grams at this point, and 5 grams were taken from it as a test sample and added to lead in an earthenware vessel and allowed to evaporate to nothingness on a sand bath. Whoever carries out this process in a similar manner can assure himself that something must remain. After 9 o’clock in the morning Beuther had fired his sample for the fifth time and in spite of the fact that it was more difficult than my process, nevertheless only 40 grams of sulfur had been added. At about 1 o’clock in the afternoon I weighed my sample to amount to 2 marks and 40 grams. After the sixth reaction and as it was ready to pour of, 80 grams of prepared sulfur were added with stirring and the resulting product was poured off. It weighed 2 marks. Subsequently, Beuther had likewise added his sample material and, after introducing the sulfur, he poured off the product at a quarter till 3 o’clock and it weighed 3 marks and 20 marks and indicated to me that I should not be unduly concerned by this discrepancy in weight, for his sample would be heavier than mine, since his sample still had as much iron in it, although my sample might be too selective and would hold more than his, as is also the case in the test samples, until he brought his sample more into conformity. At about half past 3, I had fired my sample for the seventh time and it weighed 2 marks and 20 grams, and after serving the slag therefrom, melting, and firing for the seventh time, it weighed 40 grams, while both of them together weighed 2 marks and 60 grams. The sample at this point possessed quite coarse spikes, resembling crude stars. I thereupon had Beuther’s orders and so cut 60 grams of scrap steel from screws, which was added as a flux, 20 grams each time, quickly one after the other, and then also added 80 grams of the prepared sulfur, with vigorous stirring and shaking, and finally the liquid was poured off. The product weighed 2 marks and the entire operation consumed 44.5 hours. To this, Beuther also added his sample, over a period of 4.5 hours, but he added no sulfur or iron. After pouring off, the product now weighed 3 marks and 10 grams. Beuther reported this, using in this particular process 1 mark of iron and 120 grams of flux material, and could in 10 hours of work produce 100 quilders worth of product. At this point it must now be noted how the process is ended by a fixation. Friday, the 4th of November, at a quarter past 8 in the morning, I again added to my sample 2 marks and 40 grams of sulfur and 40 grams of iron, added after the flux, and at about 8:30 the product was again poured off and weighed 2 marks and 40 grams, whereas Beuther had by this time melted his specimen for the ninth time and then added 40 grams of sulfur thereto, bringing the weight to 2 marks and 40 grams. My specimen had remained on the 10th fire for a quarter of an hour less than 11 hours and then 40 grams of steel filings and 20 grams of sulfur were added thereto. It was removed from the fire at about 12 o’clock and weighed 2 marks minus 20 grams. Beuther had also put his sample on the fire and it wound up also weighing 2 marks less 20 grams. My sample remained about 2 hours over an efficient flame and 40 grams of sulfur were then introduced, bringing the total weight of the specimen on the fire for 2 and three-quarters hours and 60 grams of iron were produced thereby, the total weighing 2 marks and 20 grams. At two-thirty, I put my specimen on the fire and added 40 grams of sulfur to it. Its final weight was 1 mark and 100 grams, from which I took a small test sample. In the 13th firing my specimen was found to become molten without the addition of any further material and it weighed 1 mark 1 mark and 10 grams and afterwards both samples were melted together at the request of the Elector.

In David Beuther’s process the lead was allowed to come to a boil with the specimen copper and then poured into fused silver, and the volatile material driven off.

The Preparation of the Chalk ~

Good chalk, which is not gritty, is broken into small pieces, the size of dice, is placed in cold water, and there it is allowed to soak for 1 hour, and allowed to stand in a new glass-stoppered flask and then set in a sealed air oven to burn until it glows and is burned out, at which time it was considered to have been properly fired and prepared as the previously mentioned model antimony sample y subsequently removing the coarse particles consisting of impurities.

The Preparation of the Sulfur ~

From 2 pounds of saltpeter and 3 pounds of high-quality sulfur, or 3 pounds of saltpeter and 5 pounds of sulfur, prepared as recommended at the beginning of the process, the sulfur Mars being fixed and non-combustible, and furthermore gives the proper color and the amount of fixation leaves nothing to be desired, as silver and tin. The vapors of antimony are white and red, are among the best medicines, and transmute silver into gold, that is, through the red and fixed sulfur lying dormant within it.

Some other workers may be able to purify the silver so highly that aquafort is no longer able to damage the material after the frictional wear of the lead, although only half as much product will be obtained.

Proceeding with this fixed and compacted silver, as here reported, in addition to the high-grade gold, as far as is known, the silver should be free from any gold and refined prior to the test.

The spirit of antimony does not, in itself, include the substance of iron, but its quintessential characteristics antimony has the perfection necessary for a flux, while the iron gives the fixed sulfur. After these two decompositions take place, a fixed substance results. And when the antimony melts for the 20th time, with some difficulty, then in each melting the iron is a cadaver and its essence and spirit are always given in the nature and the essence of the antimony, until it coagulates into the perfect metal as a result of complete solar and lunar fermentation.

You must make use of a ferment, i.e., a substance which can remain stable, must be fixed, and cannot become volatile. Therefore, when you carry out your work on an earthenware plate or in a glass vial, or capsule, then combine it with lead but not gold, the more the better, to retain the volatile substance with the fixed substance, so that both will be fixed.

Beuther’s Process from Copper Pyrites ~

Copper pyrites, preferably the richer ores, were pulverized as finely as possibly and heated, gently at first, subsequently more vigorously, but avoiding direct contact with the flame, as when sulfur was fixed, which must not be destroyed by burning. The burning must continue until the pyrites no longer give off fumes or a sulfuric odor. When hematite powder is noted, the process is complete and the product can be pulverized in the manner in which cinnabar is. The test samples, when applicable, behave in this way: A little of the pyrites, covered with precipitated aquafort a few fingers high, is placed on a warm sand bath. The aquafort does not turn a green color, but remains clear when decanted off.

Enough yellow arsenic is now taken as fills an iron jar having 3 feet and an iron lid which completely covers it. After heating over a gentle fire for 2 hours, the heat is gradually increased until the arsenic rises and begins to give off fumes, causing the cover to rise. When this happens, the air pockets are luted again and the fire slowly removed. When the material has cooled, tapping the jar and cover causes the arsenic to precipitate. The product is partially golden in color. After subliming in a retort with attached receiving vessel, the arsenic increasingly becomes snow-white, like flour, and is also quite stable and safe for use.

Specially activated sal ammoniac in solution in clear fountain water was prepared, filtered, and coagulated. Subsequently, 1 pound of antimony was carefully fused with 120 grams of iron. When a good flux was obtained, 80 grams of calcined chalk were added in coarse pieces, which permits extraction of the ores together and separation of the slag, and the breaking up of the product into pieces the size of hazel nuts, and then pouring into a well-prepared sample of aquafort in a flask. The resulting yellow solution, poured into a third portion, and then so much of the aquafort is poured off into good strong brandy that a precipitate forms, and that is how antimony is prepared.

Finally, a crucible is ignited and 40 grams of saltpeter is placed therein. When the saltpeter begins to burn, then 1 pound of alum is added. The alum burns itself out, so that the moisture which it contained has now been driven off and this is what happens as it becomes pure and white and has been completely prepared.

Take 1 pound of the above-mentioned copper pyrites, 2.5 ounces of the sal ammoniac, prepared as indicated, 1 ounce of arsenic preparation, 1 ounce of the dissolved antimony, plus alum, and the calcined copper pyrites, steeped with half that amount of well-distilled acetic acid and half that amount of good brandy, stir them well together, so that the mixture is rather damp, then add the weighed material to the pyrites, and then when it has been well-stirred, let it stand for 4 days and 4 nights, so that the pyrites are dried out, after which time 4 ounces of mercury are added thereto. The product is then allowed to stand for an additional 4 days and nights, whereupon the mercury is lost, so that 4 ounces of mercury needs to be added again and the product is again allowed to stand for an additional 4 days and nights. The last extract was then combined with the first and as much as possible mercury is then taken and allowed to evaporate from an earthenware dish, leaving behind a residue, shown to be sulfur. To this sulfur in a crucible add 30 grams of tartar and allow it to stand in a calcining fire. The tartar was the above-mentioned white material, which left behind a grey-black material which I have termed "black sulfur", 1 pound of iron can be converted into copper in the following manner:

Bring to a boil 2 liters of water in a large copper pan and then add a handful of salt. When the salt is completely dissolved, a pound of iron filings is added and then 25 grams of "black sulfur", and in a half hour a pound  (at most) of iron is added to the pure copper, 8 ounces of which were fused in a crucible and, when this mixture was completely fused, one ounce of the best Hungarian gold was added (as a seed), whereupon the mixture was poured into an ingot mold, made in the shape of a vial, and then covered three fingers high with the following water:

To 8 ounces of aquafort, 2 ounces of the antimony prepared as above, 1 ounce of the prepared sal ammoniac, and approximately 1 drachma of wine vinegar were added. When the antimony and the sal ammoniac had dissolved, then the aquafort was poured into a vial containing copper and allowed to dissolve for 3 days and nights. Then 30 grams of the black sulfur was poured into 120 grams of wine vinegar and 40 grams of aquafort, which had not formed a precipitate but which contained 30 grams of the sulfur and had a blood-red color. After the above liquid had been allowed to stand for 3 days and nights to complete the solution process, approximately 10 grams of this red solution were added, whereupon all of the dissolved material precipitated took place, with a pronounced gradation as is customary until the mark of copper had completely dissolved, which often requires up to 10 or 12 days without heating, since it dissolves so slowly that such gradation can easily be noted. After complete solution, finely-powdered brown lime was added, which had been washed with warm eater, dried thoroughly, and subsequently melted in a crucible, resulting in 1 mark of copper and up to 140 grams of good Hungarian gold, in all test samples of "Antimony of Saturn", as they might be designated. Everything which I have been able to make is, as always, to the Glory of God.

Another Process from Copper Pyrites as Described in Old Notes Which Beuther has Fortunately Located ~

To finely pulverized, even though impure, copper pyrites, washed and edulcerated, and placed in a copper vessel, was salt water, slowly heated to boiling, with vigorous stirring. An eighth of a can of unprecipitated aquafort was then added, along with a small amount of salt, and the mixture was allowed to stand approximately 12 hours until a sulfuric odor was detected. It was then neutralized with soda, after which the solution was decanted from the pyrites. Half of the decanted solution, while still warm, was poured into the iron, transforming the iron into copper. Other samples of copper were obtained from the precipitate produced by aquafort, but were not such fine specimen as those from the unprecipitated material. Taking 1 mark of the copper and fusing with 1 ounce of Hungarian gold, and then pouring the product into an ingot mold, and adding 6 ounces of unprecipitated aquafort in a vial with 2 ounces of molten salt and allowing the product to cool by standing for 3 hours, and subsequently heating for 2 hours, so that the aquafort bubbles up with the salt, and is now ready to use, and so is allowed to cool and stand until another day. The aquafort was then decanted slowly from the salt, into another beaker, and subsequently 6 ounces of aquafort and 30 grams of yellow arsenic and 20 grams of alum (both pulverized) were slowly added and afterwards heated vigorously until the material dissolved. The product was then slowly decanted into another glass container, to which was then added 4 ounces of aquafort and 2 ounces of golden sulfur, with bubbling. The product was then divided into 3 parts, the first of which was poured over the copper, along with 1 mark of gold and allowed to dissolve 3 days and nights. It was then treated with 30 grams of 9 times distilled vinegar. One part of this vinegar solution containing the copper was allowed to stand for 3 days, whereupon a precipitate was noted. The other part containing the aquafort was subdivided into 3 portions, poured onto the copper until it dissolved, and allowed to stand day and night, until the fourth day, it was again poured into an equal amount of vinegar, until a precipitate formed. On the fifth day, 1 portion from the water solution in the glass container was added, dissolving the material in 3 hours, after which an equal amount of vinegar was added. On the sixth day, the third portion containing the aquafort, which was the only portion still remaining, was added and allowed to stand for 3 hours to dissolve it, after which the vinegar was added. On the seventh day, the third portion of the aquafort was added to an equal part of the material from the glass container and allowed to an equal part of the material from the glass container and allowed to become lukewarm before dissolving 20 grams of salt which had previously been added, and then 2 parts (2 drachms) of vinegar were added. On the eighth day, one part of water was added to the third portion, allowed to stand for 3 hours, and then poured into 2 volumes of vinegar. On the ninth day, the mixture was allowed to remain quiet until solution was completed; nothing was added thereto. On the tenth day, the last of the water was solution was added to the remainder of the third portion, up to 6 hours being required for complete solution, after which excess vinegar was added and then allowed to remain quiet day and night, making it the twelfth day. On the thirteenth, the water was gradually poured off, the precipitated portion being completely brown. The product was then edulcerated and dried, whereupon the material was converted into lead, or antimony. The transmuted copper was prepared in marked quantities from the copper pyrites, until 150grams of very fine and pure gold were prepared, without any gold having been added, for which blessing I give thanks to the Holy Trinity of God, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. As always, to God, be all Glory given.

Beuther’s Jupiter Process ~

One pound of Jovis Puri (pure tin), cut in practicably small pieces, so that they could be introduced into a small flask, was added, along with approximately 1 pint of distilled vinegar, to the third portion of the aquafort, and a handful of salt, all of which were poured into the tin and allowed to stand for 5 hours, after which the clear liquid part was poured off, the tin remaining behind was thoroughly washed with water and again poured into a vial and covered with 3 fingers of aquafort. Then 20 grams of sal ammoniac were added, at which point a strong reaction began to take place. The reaction proceeds best when it is kept in contact with fire. Then 1 pound of activated mercury was added, the more slowly the better, using an efficient wooden stirrer, which works better in material which is as viscous as a pulp. After aquafort is again added thereto, a vigorous reaction sets in with bubbling up and the product is stirred further and again becomes quite thick. Aquafort is again added very slowly, until the mercury along with the tin has become a single body, like white chalk (somewhat due to the fact that some of the mercury remains undissolved). It was then allowed to stand until everything was dissolved. When both of the substances added have been completely dissolved, 2 ounces of iron are taken and covered 3 fingers high with aquafort, then the material commences to effervesce and a reaction takes place, until the solution becomes entirely red or brown and begins to foam. The red-brown liquid was then poured into a glass dish and allowed to set until the volatile liquid escapes and the reaction subsides and is no longer active. After again being allowed to stand for a brief period of time, it again commences to effervesce and then quiets down to the formation of a yellow color and a supernatant liquid above the iron, which is also blood-red. The process is continued by the daily addition of 2 pounds of prepared chalk and 40 grams of aquafort, and sufficient chalk daily to maintain a content of 10grams of silver. In my opinion, such additions must take place about every other day, although for a total of 14 or 15 times, so that from every pound of metal, as tin or mercury, 280 grams of very high quality, stable, finely pulverized silver results. As always, to God alone be the Glory.

Moreover, at the very beginning 20 grams of the red material from iron and 20 grams of sal ammoniac can be added, which reacts at the same time with the tin and the mercury, however, no aquafort can be added until both substances are destroyed. When no mercury can be observed in the glass dish, then 20 grams of the red material from iron, 20grams of sal ammoniac, and 0 grams of aquafort were added every day, up to 14 days.

First Supplement or Appendix

The Philosophers’ Stone ~

The author has carried out this work with his own hands and it is, according to him, so easy that whoever cannot duplicate this work cannot duplicate any other. Since it teaches what the mercury of the philosophers is and how it is obtained from the body and how the silver and gold are obtained from feces, by the use of fire, by fixing, and by amalgamating with mercury, and finally, in this way, arriving at the Philosophers’ Stone.

Preparation of Fixed Luna and Sol ~

 Chalk (lime) in a crucible, along with 3 parts of Calaminaris Stone, 2 parts of white arsenic (sublimed 2 o 3 times) 1 pound prepared salt, and 20 grams of the same white arsenic mixed with 40 grams of tartar (calcined until clear, white, and translucent), all materials thoroughly mixed together, were treated with finely powdered silver until the product was thick as a ducat and a hands’ width, forming a layer upon the other material present, and initially one finger thick in the above-mentioned powder (after the addition of the silver). The powdered material was again added and the process was repeated, with adequate luting and cementing, using an appropriate flame. Nevertheless, the silver does not melt, even after 36 hours. After cooling, and subsequent neutralization of the product, the silver appeared to be black and as brittle as glass. The product was then thoroughly washed with water and allowed to dry. It was then placed in a small mortar and pulverized completely, carefully washed with ordinary water, and then allowed to settle, and the entire process was repeated until the supernatant water was completely clear. The water can be evaporated, so that none of the silver will be lost, even that which has been dissolved in the water. The resulting white powder, after treatment with borax (at which time it is in lamellar form) was cemented by heat and worked up as before, so that the silver is set free from the feces and the element is purified without decomposition, which can be tested by rectification of a half ounce of the powder in aqua vitae (distilled brandy) or by dissolving in distilled vinegar, coagulated, and again dissolved, until no more fecal material is found. This silver should also be cemented by heating, in order that the elements become fixed, and that the silver becomes fixed, as well, that they will not be dissolved by aquafort (or become grey-colored when held at high heat) or have lost their timbre, but are precipitated by antimony.

After cementing, the gold also has a similar form, which alone is that taken (instead of arsenic) by sublimed red mercury, which cannot be struck or washed like the silver ca. It is not black at all, but by cementing the gold for so long a time, until no further loss in weight, then it is gold freed of all fecal matter and must be fixed by cementing 3 times more, so that all the elements are prepared.

Extraction of Philosophers’ Mercury ~

First, from the silver, dissolved in aquafort, prepared from vitriol (sulfuric acid) and saltpeter, precipitated by salt water, neutralized with lime, dried, and then poured in a glass container, set on a tripod or in a furnace to calcine it or reverberate it to give it considerable heat, as when lead is to be melted. After standing 6 weeks, the corpus was opened, so the mercury could be separated from the earth and the oil, even when it remains with the earth.

The same can be done with the gold. The calx, by itself alone, must stand for 18 to 22 weeks in a reverberatory furnace. When the furnace is opened, there is so much gold that it amounts to 2 or 3 fingers above the bottom of the crucible, much like a mushroom. The mercury can be sublimed almost immediately, even with a gentle flame. Generally speaking, sal ammoniac can also be sublimed and this is also the case in the extraction of the salt.

Clarification of Mercury ~

Sublimed 2 or 3 times by vitriol or arsenic, the product appears as clear as crystal. When gold and silver have now been obtained, the product can be pulverized finely on porcelain plate with clear, transparent sal ammoniac, which is not damp, even when pulverized with 1 pound of prepared silver and 80 grams of sal ammoniac on a porcelain plate. Add vinegar, distilled 5 or 6 times from its phlegm, to another vessel and distill it from a bath over a calx, properly luted, to give 1 pound of calculated silver from 4 pounds of vinegar. After then allowing the product to cool before opening it, it was found that the vinegar, the sal ammoniac, and the silver were losing their odor, which was normally so strong as to be indistinguishable whether cold or hot. As soon as it was opened, the glass was removed and the contents were washed well and set aside for 6 weeks in a water bath, so hot that one could scarcely drink the water, because of the heat. After allowing the product to cool, the product was broken up into small pieces and distilled into a receiver by the use of vigorous heat, and subsequently set in ashes and heated gradually until the mercury sublimed with the sal ammoniac and was snow-white in color. After standing an additional 24 hours, prior to subliming, it was cooled, opened up, and the sublimed mercury was taken out and weighed so as to know how much sal ammoniac should be added thereto. The sublimed material was again placed in a glass vessel, sublimed still one more time, and then feces were added and the product was sublimed again until no feces remained behind. This is the body of material containing the oil or orpiment and was then taken out and weighed, so as to be able to better know how much mercury is present, how much calx that there had been, how much of the body of material and earth had been in the glass, and how much distilled vinegar remained to be dissolved in the clear water. After adding the feces, the clear supernatant liquid was poured off, coagulated, and dissolved again until feces no longer remained. At this point, it was coagulated again, and the salt of the earth was prepared and it was clear as a crystal. The sublimed mercury and the sal ammoniac were then finely pulverized with this salt in a mortar when dry and added to the glass vessel, and finally set upon a tripod or in a calcining oven for 6 weeks and heated, and then allowed to cool afterward in a cool place covered with a cloth. It dissolved to form a clear solution in 6 or 8 days. This is the Philosophers’ Vinegar, said to be our mercury, but also given many other names.

By taking 3 parts of silver and 1 part of gold and cementing them in the fire, as stated at the beginning of the section on the Extraction of Mercury, followed by solution in aquafort, the calx residue edulcorated, and dried (to give sufficient material to treat with distilled Philosophers’ Vinegar) set in an ash bath over a small fire (as when gold or silver was to be dissolved) the product was then mixed with 3 parts of calcined silver and 1 part of calcined gold. After pulverizing the above-named materials together and subsequently treating with 1 or 2 ounces of the aforementioned water and allowing to dissolve, 1 ounce of the blended calx was added and allowed to dissolve until no more could be dissolved, but remained undissolved as a residue. The water then contained its own nourishment and was the best solution that could be obtained, since it contained the dissolved mercury, along with all of the metals. This solution was then poured off into another glass container from the powder which still remained dissolved and was set in an ash bath and heated to the heat of the midday sun and even better (hotter), and covered with a double linen, whereupon it coagulated to give a grey powder. The latter was poured into a small glass vessel and covered. It was then luted thoroughly and allowed to stand until the grey color began to turn white. The heat was increased gradually to that of the sunshine of a June day and kept there until the material became as white as snow. On increasing the heat to that of the sun on an August day, spiegelgleisen-type crystals began to form, which appeared to be very much like glass. The heat was then held to such a point where such crystals no longer formed and the material was then said to be fixed.

No harm is done when sometimes no spiegeleisen-type crystals can be seen, since the material had been fixed by the heat of the small fire. By starting with stronger heating, peaks of a hand’s breadth were noted, which was not good since it led to an increase in the amount of vapor in the glass and in the white fumes that escaped. Using a gentler fire, the material took on a yellow or red color and might indicate decomposition in the product, even though it is better to use a gentle fire than a much hotter one.

After being fixed, the white material is divided into 2 parts, one to remain white in color, the other to become red. The part to be red was poured into a glass vessel, which was put in the oven, and allowed to stand until what is to follow has taken place.

The material to remain white was also poured into a glass vessel, covered over with what will be later mentioned as "paradise water" (9 parts of water to one part of the material), properly mixed, and put in an oven until the stone (i.e., gem-stone) is completely white, which takes place before additional heat brings it to the red stage.

Paradise water is the active mercury extracted from the silver, which was prepared from the white material, a previously outlined, with the single change that pure tartar be used instead of sal ammoniac, which is translucent, but in weight it is comparable to sal ammoniac. The calcined silver accordingly poured into a glass or stone vessel and covered with distilled vinegar (distilled as previously explained). Then the mercury was added dropwise into an alembic. This affects the nature of the tartar. The mercury also reduces the amount of moisture present, as previously explained. From 9 parts of this water and 1 part of the fixed stone for whitening, a change was made, transferred to a flask with a still head attached, distilled, and the products washed. The other glass vessel, containing the part to become red, was set in an ash bath and heated by a little hotter fire (about equal to that of the sun in the middle of summer), such as one might use in the preparation of rose water, and this treatment was continued until it is heated sufficiently in its own broth and all of the paradise water had completely evaporated, leaving behind a dark grey powder as a residue. The fire was then made a little hotter until the powder began to turn white. By gradually increasing the fire the powder became completely white and sparkling like snow, so that when you see it you will become very happy and thank God for His gift that he has given to Nature.

Half of this white powder is put in a crucible and set over a fire, where it melts as easy as does wax. When completely melted, it is poured into a wooden container coated with goat’s tallow to make it smaller, harder, and as translucent as a crystal. One part of this material, added to 200 parts of tin, was converted into the very best silver that the human eye has ever seen, thanks to God and the prayers of the poor.

Of the other half of the white powder, 1 part was taken and added to 100 parts of calcined silver, the whole washed and dried, and then pulverized, together with the well-dried powder. To 1 part of this powdered material and 9 parts of silver from the previously prepared paradise water in a hermetically sealed glass container, heat was applied as before. Since, at first, the paradise water was added only after the powder had absorbed all of the spirit it was continued as before until all of it was fixed and became white as snow, so that half as much again was taken for projects and the other part was subdivided and put into several glass vessels.

Rubification ~

Using the other half of the first fixed powder taken to produce the red material, the time required until the white material was obtained by allowing it to stand on the ash bath until the material became yellow (saffron) was 8 to 10 days, with the heat increasing a small amount only. When the powder does not darken in color it means that the fire is not hot enough, so the fire was increased a bit more for 10 days longer and gradually the product (powder) began to turn red. At this point, the heat should be maintained a little hotter for 5 or 6 days until the product becomes ruby-red and shines like fish eyes. The heat can then be made a little lower as the above sign continues, indicating that the product has become fixed. There is no hurry in increasing the heat at the very start, however, since the red color never comes before the yellow or the white color, but always ahead of the black, even though the effort might be in vain and must be begun anew, for it is certainly better to begin with a low fire than with a large one, since the regulation of the heat is half of this work.

When the material has become fixed and is now red as a ruby, then it is found to imbibe 9 parts of paradise water for each part of this material, just as occurs in every case with the white powder, although the paradise water from gold must be weighed out, just like its predecessor was from silver. With the paradise water, which must be luted well and then allowed to stand as before in an ash bath, and subjected to heat as when the lead was melted, without seeming (until all of the water had completely evaporated and a powder remained behind as a residue) to appear to be more black than grey, the heat was then kept the same until the product became perfectly white, and then the heat was increased only slightly until the color became a deep yellow and was continued at the same rate until no brighter yellow color could be produced, and then the heat was increased rather drastically until a red color appeared, until all of it became perfectly red, which was very fortunate, thanks be to God.

The half of this melt in the crucible was poured into a glass vessel and sealed with sheep tallow. It became very hard like glass and ruby-red in color. It was as transparent as a crystal. One part of this material, treated with 2000 parts of lead and subsequently melted, proved to be the best gold, of excellent color and stable in all tests, as well it might be considered to be the world over.

Multiplication ~

The other half of the powdered material also increased several times. Using the cemented gold, as noted above, it was dissolve, neutralized, and dried with lime (200 parts of lime to 1 part of stone), pulverized and then dried, then poured into a glass vessel and covered with 9 times as much as the pulverized material in the glass vessel. The material was then well luted and the heat regulated, as noted earlier, until the material we succeeded in multiplying the aforesaid amount of material and never ceased to be thankful for the prayers of the poor and to give thanks to God for His gift.

Production of Ruby-Red Water ~

Crocus Iron Antimony --- Mineral: Red arsenic, amount used, 1 pound orpiment, 1 pound Roman vitriol, and 3 pounds o saltpeter, mixed well together and then treated with a half pound of sal ammoniac, and poured into an earthenware vessel, which can withstand a very hot fire, and also not become vitreous in the interior, was poured into a still, well washed, and distilled carefully, at first at low heat, then with gradually increased heat, until a white liquid distilled over. When such began, the color of the material in the still turned yellow or red. The receiver was then removed and replaced by a receiver with a better seal. The heat was increased until white spirits came over, which proved to be sal ammoniac, which was the first material to distill over. The heat was increased so long as the still head remained clear. When a red liquor started to distill across, but only in small amounts and then spirits and water distilled over and the distillation apparatus became white on the inside, as if full of snow. It was then carefully watched until the spirits and the water were drawn through the distillation apparatus with frothing, like as if a man was vigorously blowing his nose into the receptacle. When the spirits continued to distill and the distillation apparatus began to clear up, and the death’s head (colcothar, red ferric oxide) began to form as a fine powder. On standing 2 hours in absolutely clear water and afterwards being brought to a boil, the clear water was decanted from the residue, which was then discarded. When the water was evaporated, a yellow material remained behind. The yellow powder was weighed and the calculated amount of saltpeter was added and the thoroughly mixed materials were put into a glass flask, covered with distilled water, warmed gently in an oven, and a distilling apparatus with receiver was set up. The distillation was carried out using gentle heat at first, then subsequently more vigorous heat, until a white spirit distilled over. A red water then distilled across, which was bright both by day and at night and which dissolved the fixed silver, and gave the most beautiful tint to the gold, and even gave to all of the white metals the color of gold. Praise God!

Other Work Done During a 12-Month Period on 100 Significant Tests, Whose Projection is Infinite ~

Four pounds of Roman Vitriol, which should be blue and clear, and saltpeter were mixed together and then dried. They were then evaporated together in an earthenware dish, using a wooden stirrer to start a reaction. Afterwards 1 pound of mercury, freed of excess moisture and using heated materials, were mixed well together and dried on a stone and warm strip of cloth, until no further moisture could be removed from the material, which was then poured into a flask to which a distilling apparatus was attached. After careful luting and allowing to dry further, a small fire was initially used and gradually increased over a 4 hour period. The water was distilled over in a period of 16 or 20 hours or more and afterwards the heat was adjusted and this resulted in a better process, although the same resulted in requiring 30 to 36 hours for the liquid to distill over, since by such a procedure the glass apparatus was much less likely to get broken. This is the common rule in distillations where aquafort is involved.

When the water has all been distilled over, the mercury has been found to be sublimed in the upper hand of the still, as white as snow and somewhat hard, and retains the tincture of vitriol with it, when not further sublimed. After cooling, the aquafort is put in a safe place and the mercury is removed from the distillation apparatus. It is pulverized further with the other half of the material and then distilled and sublimed as before. Again 4 pounds each of saltpeter and vitriol, proceeding as before with the mercury which had been sublimed four times and so was a complete tincture. Now 80 grams of silver, finely cupellated, 40 grams of cemented gold, and 60 grams of sublimed mercury (taken in the proper proportions), covered with 160 grams of silver, made by using aquafort as previously noted, were placed in a glass vessel, and 120 grams of the gold in another glass vessel, together with 10 grams of pulverized sal ammoniac, covered over with 60 grams of the mercury and the mixture of all three was set in a beaker on an ash bath to dissolve. Each flask has a cork stopper, so that air can reach it and, in addition all of them should be unstoppered every 2 or 3 hours, for the same reason.

Nutritional Material ~

Material in the subsequent form must be increased so that it is not destroyed by the aquafort. When 2 or 3 pieces of finely powdered, clean silver are put in a glass vessel and dissolved and the flask is stoppered and then sublimed mercury is dissolved cleanly with the gold, and more is gradually added until no more is dissolved after 10 to 12 days, then it is sufficiently nourished and has lost its corrosiveness. This is one of the great secrets of the art, since it must at all times be nurtured (sustained) on hot ashes.

When it is also nourished by pouring on each of the small pieces in the glass flask, then from each must 1 part be fixed and separated from the feces and filth.

Now, in the glass, along with the silver, there is a black powder due to the material remaining as residue and this is the gold, for in all dissolved silver is found powdered gold, since all silver contains gold, some more than others, to preserve such powder.

When you now pour each of them into a flask and attach to it a distillation apparatus and receiver and slowly distill it from a sand bath until dry, then a good rectification results, giving 3 or 4 fingers of aqua vitae (brandy) lying supernatant above the other material in the flask, then the method is the best that can be set up using on all occasions a distillation apparatus. However, distillation through a nozzle is carried out more slowly and fixes itself better, since on the surface, with a glass stopper or small glass cover, it is easier to cover, and this is necessary for solution, coagulation, and fixation to occur. Since each specimen is now in a covered flask and the alcohol is poured over it and it is placed in a bath, with the receiver at the end of the condenser, and it has been well luted and dissolved over a small fire, when solution is completed the feces remain behind and the supernatant liquid is decanted into 3 other glass vessels of the same type, taking good care to pour another portion of alcohol 4 fingers high over the feces. Again, after allowing 3 or 4 days for solution to be complete, it will also dissolve, the clear liquid will then be decanted off, as above. Nevertheless, each flask is covered and each sample of feces is put in a particular glass vessel, and then put in a safe place until more feces are obtained. The solution containing the dissolved material is then poured into a flask, as before, and put over a bath, and the aqua vitae is evaporated therefrom until the flask is completely dry, whereupon fresh alcohol is poured over it and the product is dissolved as before, which requires 4 days. The dissolved liquid is decanted off, each into is own special glass vessel and other aqua vitae is poured over the feces and allowed to stand another 3 or 4 days to dissolve them, and then the clear supernatant liquid from each is decanted as previously and the feces treated as before. This process is repeated until no more feces remain any longer in the solution, in the case of all three of the samples. The feces samples that were set aside must now be calcined, and from each of them the feces must be extracted, each from its own sample, and at this point they are all added together.

Calcination of the Soil ~

In the 3 glass vessels containing the samples of feces, which should be completely dry, each is luted into a small glass container, which is covered, and then set each one into an ash bath subliming dish in a special oven. The gold must then be calcined a few times or more. Feces from silver require 30 hours, while feces from mercury require 18 hours. The fire is regulated so that each of the samples of feces is kept at the same temperature, that is to say, that from gold requires 6 days, that from silver 30 to 32 hours, that from mercury 18 to 20hours, and thereafter cooled, so that they are sublimed, dusted off with a feather, and then each sample of feces is covered over with ordinary water, put on an ash bath, and then allowed to boil for 1 hour. After cooling, the aqueous product was filtered or, in the alternative, the clear liquid was decanted, fresh water was added again, and subsequently the product was boiled for one hour more, and then the supernatant liquid was again decanted or filtered through felt. In this way the soil was separated from the fecal material, which was now discarded. The water decanted off was evaporated and as a residue in each of the 3 glass containers was found a white or grey salt; the soil is again dissolved in freshly boiled distilled water, the solution was boiled, and decanted from the feces and evaporated. The resulting salt is still whiter, and dissolves readily as long as the salt has no fecal matter remaining behind it. This is the so-called Philosophers’ Soil.

Taking now each sample soil, in order to obtain its rectified element, which has been rectified without its separation, as reported above, which is among those elements brought to the study of medicine, it is clear that, because of their subtility, their greatest external property is internal and their greatest internal property is external, and thus reversed, so that all their disorderliness has thus been exposed.

Coagulation ~

Samples of soil are put each into their own glass vessel for each element, as instructed above. Consequently, 3 glass vessels, each well luted, are put into an oven, each equipped with distillation apparatus and receiver, to distill at low heat the aqua vitae therefrom, until the material begins to become thick, although not completely dry, so that it remains properly in solution, and thus can be seen from the material around there, which is somewhat drier and thicker than it was heretofore, and so is allowed to cool, although not completely, but yet while it is a little warm, it was poured into a glass dish, although even when it is a little warm it is thicker than honey and is thus not very nice. Each dish is supplied with a glass cover so that no foul air can enter. The dish was then set aside for 4 days in a cold place, until crystals appeared and on these crystals some aqua vitae still clings. The liquid was then poured off from the same into another dish of the same type, which could also be covered. The crystals were divided into 3 equal portions, each in its own glass container, while the glass container having the decanted aqua vitae was set aside to evaporate until the product became so thick as that of the previous time, which required 1 or 2 days and was still not completely evaporated, although the alcoholic spirits had passed off even when it became as viscous as oil when allowed to cool further in a cold place for 4 days to allow crystals to form so that, when added to the above and evaporated further, until no aqua vitae remained on the crystals and the material was dry, crystallization was found to be complete. In this way the gold, silver, and mercury were prepared and purified.

Conjunction of the Fixing Operations ~

Using a fixing-glass containing the powdered silver and putting it, hermetically sealed, into an oven in an ash bath and heating it until holding the fingers in the ash bath would result in a severe burn, as soon as the glass becomes hot, the powdered silver melted within an hour and the temperature rose, resulting in 1000 small veins. After the temperature had dropped again, the material became thicker from day to day as the material became fixed. At the end of the cooling process the veins had become so large that many could not be located in such large numbers, and hardly 15 or 16 small veins could be noted, while the heat was increasing to the point where a finger could scarcely remain in the ashes long enough to say a Hail Mary. When all the small veins had decreased in number, the heat was so strong that a finger could not even be held in the ashes. When the heat was held constant for 24 hours and there was, in this time interval, no longer any increase or decrease in temperature and the material was completely fixed (which should require less than 40 days). Moreover, the body is completely prepared and a medicine (in reality, perfected gold) can be prepared (the same gold) when a concerted attempt is made. In this way, an elixir can be made from imperfect metals.

Moreover, the process for creating gold crystals should be investigated for it is a unique process and the oven is large enough that all 3 of the glass vessels and their contents can be investigated simultaneously and be given at the same time the same firing procedure. However, you should know that the mercury (as noted earlier) must be clean and free of all contaminating material before it is ready for examination and that it still contains the spirit, the vitriol, and the saltpeter, which it had taken up during the sublimation process, while the distillation soil and all of the others are not yet fixed and are things incorporated in it that are not simple but are compounded, on account of which the mercury must be heated until broken down into simple substances, and in the minerals 1 part should be fixed and 1 part not fixed. It should be understood that with respect to silver, when no more veins arise, it is enough and the silver is fixed (and the same for mercury), so that it is 1 part that is fixed and 1 part that is not fixed. The spirits of the vitriol and of the soil from the mercury contain a fixed part. Moreover, there is no way to increase the heat to the point where heat alone can produce the small stone, although from very intense heat 1 part may attain a sufficiently high temperature to be sublimed, still most parts remain as a residue and stay fixed. When the mercury in the glass vessel shows no change at such heat, as has already been noted in the case of silver, then that parties fixed and ready to be added to the body.

In like manner is the case of the gold crystals to be treated so that they will all be fixed, as was said for the silver, and so it has been found to be a perfect medicine, even more perfect than the silver, for it has the power to transmute all imperfect metals into gold.

When gold, silver and mercury are to be prepared, they must be taken together and a stone made therefrom. Pour the mercury over the silver in a glass vessel and, while the mixture is still warm, lute it well and set it again in the ash bath and therewith the spirit will be united with the body. Then allow it to cool, so that the body is ready to receive the soul or ferment. So, in the name of God, take this ferment or prepared gold and pour it while still warm, into the glass vessel, wherein are silver and mercury, and cover it well and allow it to stand for 7 days in the oven, using the same heat as before so that it will incorporate the 3 and then allow it to cool, but while it is still arm pour it into a glass ampoule and then seal it and set it in an athanor or tripod for 40 days. At the end of 40 days, a transparent crystalline stone, dark red like a ruby, can be obtained from the oven, thanks to God and the prayers of the poor. This is of infinite projected vale, on account of its subtility (refinement). The highest projected value is likewise attached to silver and mercury, and to the gold, which is the most beautiful of all in color that any man has ever seen.

Multiplication ~

To prepare the mercury, as previously explained, up to the crystalline stone stage, of which 100 parts were added to one part of this powdered stone, together in a fixing glass vessel, covered well, and set in an oven in ashes, heated so hot that a bare finger could not be held therein, and kept at that level of heat for 15 days, after which it was poured into a glass ampoule, hermetically sealed, and set for 40 days in a tripod oven. Heated to the point where the hand could be kept a while between the inner and outer oven, at the end of 40 days the ampoule was broken and the noble stone was taken out. And we thank God with all our hearts for His gift, this stone of great value, as projected from the first.

I.N.J. Thesaurus of the World ~

(1) Common salt and Roman vitriol, 2 pounds each, were carefully pulverized and the powder dried in a dessicating vessel with stirring and use of a very gentle flame, until all moisture was driven off. Taking 1 pound of mercury in a beaker and adding the other material with thorough stirring using a wooden stirrer until all of the mercury was in solution, then pouring it into a sublimation apparatus set in a sand bath, using initially a low flame until all of the moisture is driven off and the material is completely dry. After heating over a higher flame for 12 hours, when all of the mercury was sublimed, the product was allowed to cool overnight. The sublimed material was as white as snow. The sublimate, however, should contain the spirit of the red vitriol, which is often referred to as "invisible sulfur".

(2) One pound of vitriol and the same amount of saltpeter gave an aquafort which was added to the finely pulverized, well-luted material in an alembic and subjected to a gentle fire on a sand bath, and distilled. A viscid phlegm began to appear in the distillation apparatus, and the amount of heat was increased and then kept steady until the still head began to turn red. Water distilled over first and then the receiving flask became covered with a waxy material, which dissolved in warm water in a vial. After 2 hours, despite the fact that solution was not yet complete, a seventh part of sal ammoniac, or a little more, was added until solution was complete (although it is better is no sal ammoniac need be added at this point, however). The solution was put into a distilling flask and a distillation apparatus was attached thereto and the flask was set in an ash bath and aquafort began to distill over. After all the water had distilled across, the heat was increased and vapors of mercury began to form on the side of the condenser and eventually gave a powder as white as snow (and was referred to as Quinta Essentia). By increasing the heat still further, the material distilled over still further, and on cooling the Quinta Essentia was removed, leaving behind only the feces. The Quinta Essentia was again dissolved in aquafort and then sublimed, and the Quinta Essentia was now completely prepared and ready to serve as a medicine for the stones and is now indestructible, volatile and unfixed, as well as white as snow.

(3) Taking the Quinta Essentia (Mercury) in a glass container, it was set in a Philosophers’ Oven in a dry room to be digested or calcined over a low coal fire for 8 days or more, whereupon the Spirit of Mercury was heated until solution became complete.

(4) After calcinations of the spirit in a sealed container, placed in a water bath, an alembic was set up and distillation of the Mayenthan (also called Virgin Water, which is the finished product of the Stone from the last preparation and has a bitter taste and burns the eyes as does vinegar, and is volatile, unfixed, and incorporeal, and volatile and incorporeal on digestion. He who would separate the other three elements of mercury must again add feces and digest in a drying room and then distill the product over a strong fire, using a bath regulated t provide increasing heat. This resulted in a shining oil, which was set in an ash bath on a subliming fire of good heat, yielding a red oil and leaving behind a black residue of soil which was good for nothing.

(5) This Virgin’s Milk was put in a glass vial and hermetically sealed and then placed on a movable shelf of iron in half of the oven, between the fire and the glass vessel containing the material, so that the Virgin’s Milk would not be disturbed by the heat, and the glass container was then set in the Philosophers’ Oven to digest. By common sense, the vessel had a similar fire on all sides, so that the Virgin’s Milk would show no flow. It is of great importance to have a moderate amount of heat, held constant at the same amount, so that the material would not turn black too soon, but if blackening does appear, be glad, since it is a sign of proper digestion commencing and should be maintained until all color disappears and the material begins to turn white. Increasing the heat further will have no effect, for soon all of the material will be completely white, the White Stone.

(6) When the vessel is taken from the oven, which is called a Philosophers’ Egg, with the material which is now white, then 1 part is removed therefrom and finely pulverized and better than usual is added. The other part is again sealed up in such a vessel and softened by a strong fire until the effect is very thorough. The product is then divided and heating gives a red tincture of latent sulfur-vitriol and makes it have a shiny surface. With nothing added and nothing left behind, this Stone becomes red through the power of fire. Note that in 2 different glass vessels the results can be different; in one giving a white product, in the other a red product, even though using a single fire in all of the previously described methods, except that in the one case to obtain a white product the glass vessel must be removed from the fire, while in the other case to obtain a red product the material is allowed to remain on the fire, albeit with appropriate adjustments of the fire within its time period, as previously stated. Note also that a few philosophers work with Virgin’s Milk and pay no attention to the other elements. Some of them also mix the element earth with the other elements. For example: 1 part of earth, 2 parts of fire, 4 parts of lead, and 8 parts of Virgin’s Milk and the resulting stone obtained is stronger than the red one and weaker than the white one. Both processes are carried out using the same type of containers, ovens, and fires.

(7) Learn now the applications of this medicine. In the first place, the white tincture, which have the power to change mercury, lead, copper, tin, and iron into actual silver, while the red can give the metal the tinges of silver and gold. Moreover, it is also true that when metals melt and give off fumes, then white or red medicines will be produced therefrom, as many as are desired, and strengthening the fire increases the amount of melting and after an appropriate time, decreasing the fire leads to many tinctures which were produced and tinctured very deeply and to metals which were brittle, friable, and malleable. Even so, this is still medicine and many sorts of metals can be poured even though their color and malleability falls off. This work has also proved to be very fruitful in the case of many areas of medicine. Lead and tin have been shown to flow readily, although copper, iron, and silver must first be heated to incandescence and powders used in medicine must be capable of fine dispersion when applied.

(8) These medicines may increasingly come into greater use because of their effectiveness, strength, and other good qualities and they are frequently dissolved in baths and again coagulated in dry heat, so that frequently they can be very useful as coloring agents.

The Oven is also Prepared ~

A good type of adhesive material, horse manure, paper ashes, and hair clippings, treated with salt water and vinegar were made into a paste which can be fashioned into an oven, large or small, with a suitable door, the height of the opening of which was a span, or at least a nose, and there were 4 other apertures, one on each side, by which the smoke, fumes, and vapors can pass out, without collecting at the top of the oven. Thereafter, a thin metal plate made of iron was permitted to serve as a sliding door. Furthermore, there are 4 indentations for arms and pulleys to form a cross, set at the top of the oven, so that all of the heat will best be utilized. On the metal plate there is a glass vessel for preparing the adhesive material and a Philosophers’ Egg to aid in the digestion process and in the heating of the Stone. The 4 sides of the plate were also carefully fitted into the oven, so that the rings can be about 5, 4, or 3 fingers in width, depending upon the width of the iron, but there will be at least one width between the side of the plate and the oven. A small removable cover can also be made of porcelain, copper, or iron. One can also use a small box, whose cover is removable, and mark the place where the material in the oven will be inspected. The cover will be well constructed, both inside and outside, to hold the heat and make it a suitable apparatus having a door. In this way a hand can be used to turn up or down the heat and so control it and the extent of the fire. At the beginning of the digestion period or of the heating of the Stone, such heat is sufficient if you may hold a hand between the containing vessel and the side of the oven for a good while. Take care that you do not get the vessels mixed up and so have to discard the flask in your analysis. You must cover it well at all the openings so that too much heat does not escape.

Preparation of Salt of the Earth or Saltpeter of the Philosophers from Virgin Soil ~

In the month of May, when the sky is clear and bright and the air is pure and the weather is still fine, without wind and rain, and lovely odors are everywhere, that is, as it were, lovely odors are rising all around, one should enjoy the early morning and the sunrise, along a beautiful path where the good black earth is so rich, and even more beautiful is the red, the gold, and the red-gold of Nature’s beautiful plants and flowers, which take care to bear in the clover family. The red and gold earth in the mountains of the wine country is also very magnificent. Also even the lime-pit, when you can regard it as more than just sandy. Dig down a few hundredweights, shut yourself apart from one another, so that the stars might well operate therein: This, one should also let lie fallow for 14 days and nights; however, should rain set in, one must cover it well with straw until the weather becomes clear. After waiting 14 days, put the earth in tubs and cover it well. Afterwards, a few tubs should be made, like the silk refiners have, for subjecting the soil to washings with lye (warm water is best) and allow it to stand for 24 hours and then afterwards draw it off, boil it down tone-fourth its original volume, let it stand for a few days, and then open it. It is like saltpeter; it burns, but not much. It is then dissolved, filtered, and coagulated with rain water until complete. Hereafter, it is called Sal Terra (Salt of the Earth) and also Saltpeter Philosophorum (Philosophers’ Saltpeter) or even Sal Natureae Virgineum (Pure Natural Salt) which is dissolved in the seas of the world. The hand is not easily washed.

This is now the high Secretum Philosophorum (Philosophers’ Secret) in which the Universal Spirit of the World is often hidden. It is often called Woman’s Work, since it is associated with soapmaking and cooking.

Sal hoc naturae (Salt of this nature) is thus a unique thing to be considered, since it is actually made up of three different kinds of salt. First, there is a universal salt of the nature of saltpeter and soil, in which the spirit of the world frequently resides. It is not volatile and not completely fixed, but has a middle nature. More than any other, it contains a sal ammoniac, which is actually volatile. And, in the third place, it contains hidden in it an alkali, and a fixed salt. It is also triune, and manifests itself in its subsequent reactions.

Preparation of the Universal Spirit and Volatile Salt; Sal Ammoniac and Salt of the Earth ~

Sal Superius (Superior Salt), 1 pound, is added to 3 pounds of special earth, from which the salt was made, although such earth must first be further calcined in a potter’s kiln, then made into droplets with rain water (much like child’s play). The droplets were allowed to dry and then distilled in a well-mounted retort above a controlled, but open, flame, by way of a condenser into a large receiver, wherein some pure water had been poured. The distillation was carried out using a hot fire. After the volatile salts had sublimed in the receiver, the part of the product remaining in the neck of the retort was gradually allowed to cool, the spirits and volatile salts present in the receiver were then washed together and combined and the combined washings were carefully neutralized. Again taking 1 pound of salt, proceed as before and repeat this procedure 4, 5 or 6 times, neutralizing the spirits and volatile salts carefully so as to incur no appreciable loss. The spirits and volatile salts were neutralized together in a large glass flask and separated from the phlegm on a steam bath and distilled over from a sand bath six successive times to give the spirits, which were always carefully preserved.

However, the salts remaining behind at the bottom of the flask after distillation over a hot fire was neutralized along with such as were sublimed. The process was repeated 5 or 6 times, and the product was white as snow, with no feces remaining behind, and was stored safely.

Now all Capita Mortua (dead heads) were taken and calcined one more time in a potter’s kiln and the resulting fixed salts were extracted with distilled rain water therefrom and the best of such was purified until it was perfectly white, sparkling, and clear as a crystal, with no fecal matter left in the residue.

Composition of the Triune Principle ~

To have body, soul, and spirit separated from one another was brought about through the preliminary work involving fire, and also from heterogeneous, liberates mankind from the curse of the earth. Now we will examine such things together.

Volatile and fixed salts have so much in common. They can be pulverized in a glass mortar to a very fine powder. Put in a glass flask, with spirits of our salts added separately and then combined all together and well mixed, were subjected to digestion by the gentle heat of an ash bath for 8 days and nights and the three such principles were united rather than pleasantly again with one another in a single solution. Some feces were added, and then subsequently separated out, giving the proper master key of the philosophers in hand, with which all hidden metals, minerals, and precious stones are unlocked and brought to their quintessence. This then is the true universal measure, the proper water of life, with which all metals can become readily combined, especially the gold, which can be made alive, and the fountain, in which all metals are easily bathed and again become alive. It is the bath of their regeneration, their proper original material, and the most harmonious, most beloved mother, from which they all originated in the first place, and they again enter into life with great joy and pleasure, entering into the new and better life into which they have been reborn. It is the great salty sea of the world, the water bridge which, from the earth, serves as a general bridge over which everyman must cross, whoever was created. And thus, it is with the spoken word. It is St Basil’s All in All, for in it everything extends and everything arises from it. It is the true being of all things. It is our Philosophers’ Virgin Milk.

Subsequent Work and Composition ~

When gold is desired, then it is filed 7 or 8 times from fused antimony, the finer, the better (1 part) and 10 parts of Aqua Mercurii (mercurial water), mixed together together in a separating flask, the flask is then sealed, and set for a day, and a night on an ash bath, whereupon the gold is completely and readily dissolved. The earth, situated at the bottom, is separated therefrom. The clear supernatant liquid is poured into a vial, sealed hermetically, and set in the athanor oven. At first, Ignis Vaporis (Fire Vapor) was noted, until is became black, which happened in the space of 40 days, and then in the ashes a somewhat stronger fire was noted, so that the glass became so warm, like the sun at midday in summer shines on the surface of the cover, so that in the following 50 days all kinds of beautiful colors can be seen. Afterwards, set in a sand bath, as deep as a dollar’s thickness, it remained only broad enough to show subsequently after 50 days the bright light of the diadem (the moon). Therefore, do not cease, but be sure to continue your Gradum Ignis (degree of fire), for in this way all of the material will be yellow in 30 days. At the end of that time the glass vessel should be entirely buried in the sand and when heated strongly, the product will become blood-red in 40 days and in the middle it will appear as a luminous ruby, so Nature has distinguished them apart. It is seen here that it will not become a well-known tincture, but it distinguishes Nature from the heterogeneous. This is the same that one sets aside when it is of no use (although it can be made use of in some chemical analysis and separations.

The Composition of Precious Stones with Their Own Liquids ~

Detection of Mercury --- The salt of the earth is rather magnetic, that is, it shows the spirit of the air. According to the preparation of our water or Water of Neptune, in which the gold melts like ice in warm water, then it is the proper key, which gold opens to take its soul away, as a well-known Sal Ignis (Salt of Fire) of Nature, an imaginary spirit, the dragon, greedily devouring its own tail, the non-combustible sulfur. Note that when one makes mercury in the spirit of the world, then he is toying with time in so doing, and has hereafter an entry in gold, then the gold itself is also the Spirit of World red mercury coagulates.

A bath was prepared using our Sal Aquae or Spiritus Mundi increased to 9 degrees in mercury, such as that which was indicated by Philalethes by 9 eagles, representing that all metals were purified to the highest degree and are, apparently like pearls. Fortunate indeed is he who is able to conclude a bargain.

Our material in the atmosphere around is the mercury of the philosophers and the true mineral and vitriol and we have deducted a few hours to active metals, helping them to combine them in a flask and to putrefy them by the use of gentle heat, to which purpose a white clay is added at the end, which improves the quality of the precious stone. By redistilling on a steam bath, the material can also be converted in a few days into an active metal, using the above and carrying it out in a flask. Our material includes everything, earth, air, and water, all combined in one.

Second Supplement or Appendix

Clarification --- A Very Useful Illustration ~

Alchemical Art --- The Extent of its Great Benefits During a One-Year Interval. Comparison of Costs of Publication. Abstract of Profit Ledger. Practical Approach to the Problem of Processing Food. Which of the More than One Thousand Processes so German and so Clever Have Not Been Described.

An excellent and very useful and true examination of the art, using a few grams of fine gold and other less important conditions and the lighter work load involved as a result of the properly conducted distillation techniques in a very short time. Approximately 6 or 7 weeks are required to make a few grams of the tincture and to prepare it for use, as actually are clear in what is to follow.

Using 10 grams of this tincture to compare 1 mark of fine silver to truly natural good gold, as God has created the Earth and can add color to the same, and this in all tests remains proper and authentic, since aquafort can not attack it or cause damage to it or to the antimony glass or is itself damaged in any test. The same can also be carried out better with such a tincture, so that when 100 grams of mercury, purified as before, were added to 10 grams of the same well-purified gold in the same form as previously noted, all of the test samples easily passed all of the tests that were made.

The same work has been carried out at least 7times in a single year and each time 110 grams of the reported tincture were made, so that in a single year the total was 770 grams, of which 10 grams were used to make 1 mark of silver into gold, so that in a year 77 marks of gold at 160 per mark. At 10 grams for 8 gulden and each mark estimated at 128 guilders, totaled 77 marks of pure silver, the process can earn 9856 guilders.

From this sum of money, at a cost of 56 guilders for 70 grams of pure gold (at 8 guilders per 10 grams), more than 739 guilders and at 3 batzen was the estimate, and 8more guilders for the glass apparatus, fuel costs, and other expenses, so one must make in a year by this process, and subtracting 2 guilders per week for the wages of the laboratory workers and 1 guilder for the cost of the laboratory bench makes 130 guilders, making the entire cost of the year 933 guilders and 3 batzen. Subtracting that amount, there is still a profit of 892 guilders and 12 batzen left, after deducting all expenses, so that one man will have that amount per year, by what this endeavor lays out and can accomplish.

And when one man, using the tincture, might by the following process, being allowed to work with the mercury, it would cost him no ore than 6 batzen, in addition to the 77 marks, 30 guilders, and 12 batzen. So this man has a projected overall income for the year of approximately 9631 guilders and 3 batzen.

This magnificent, grand, useful, and exalted artistic endeavor had a man from Venice, who also related to me that in this process and the work in carrying it out as follows hereafter, to work in his laboratory, and be allowed to carry out the tests which were deemed appropriate. And such artistic endeavor was also taken to England, where the King of England himself also tested it and found it to be just exactly as claimed, thereupon approximately 20,000 guilders in gold was set as the sale price, and subsequently testing of this artistic production was carried out in the laboratories of Venice and England, by Polish and Bohemian workers, and by the same workers in the laboratories of Danzig, Prussia, each separate one costing about 2,000 ducats, without all of the tests being done, since there was already good information about these tests.

Now follows the information about the process, heretofore passed over, referred to as the Art of Preparing Tinctures. In the Name of Almighty God:

To start with, using 3 pounds of white Salt from Halle in a Waldenburger flask and pouring over it 1 measure of distilled vinegar then sealing the cover of the flask with prudent luting prepared from very adhesive glue, and then allowing the flask containing the salt to sit on a warm sand bath or coal stove until the salt becomes completely dry, when it is then ready. Note that this is the salt and vinegar, as hereafter follows, that now brings about the mixing of the mercury with the salt, as will hereafter be reported.

Now followed the method whereby the vinegar should be distilled: Taking 2 measures of good vinegar, to which are added 2 handfuls of ordinary salt, and putting into a distilling flask such as aquafort is distilled in, and continuing diligently, so that no black material distills over (and if such should take place, remove the receiver immediately), for the material remaining inside the distillation flask should still distill over as a clear distillate. Now ass another handful of salt to the clear liquid and continue the distillation as formerly. After 3 such distillations, the vinegar is properly prepared, the salt is collected, as noted above, and you will now see the Quintessence of all metals and the mercury of the philosophers, which is found in all places and is by no means by the mercury which is here referred to as living, which is toxic, but which is found as a salt to be something that no man can do without.

In the Name of God: Now take again 3 pounds of good dry white salt of Halle and add thereto 60 grams of the above steeped salt from the flask, mix the ingredients well, then put them into a sturdy glass retort or flask, glazed on the inside, and put the flask into the oven on the well-preserved side. Then attach a glass receiver, after putting in the receiver half a can of distilled water, well-covered, so that the glass receiver will be attached to the retort or the distilling apparatus.

After heating over a gentle fire so that the flask will not break or even begin to be damaged, since such a gentle fire needs an entire day, so for the next few days, the fire should be somewhat hotter and the flask will glow with a dull brown color rather than with a bright color, and the salt doesn’t melt, but only appears as white fumes. This is the so-called Quintessence of all metals, whose ores are put into water and allowed to remain at glowing heat for 8 days, until a white material begins to sublime at the top of the receiver. This is the Mercury of the Philosophers. After distilling 8 days, the fire was removed and the white material was rinsed from the neck of the flask into the water and the rinse water was poured into a glass flask. A still head was attached to the flask and the material was distilled over an ash bath and in 12 hours the water had distilled over and tastes sweet, although it soon becomes sour like vinegar, becomes then stronger with time gradually, and finally sets the teeth on edge. When the distillation is finished, the residue is removed from the fire and allowed to cool. This is then the Oleum Salis (salty oil).

Note, too, that the sweet water distilled over in half a day and on cooling crystals formed rapidly in the water. The crystals were long and pointed and much like asbestos, but fine and sweet. This is the Mercury of the Philosophers.

The water from which the crystals were taken was distilled again for half a day, as before, and then allowed to cool.

Again crystals formed, as noted above. When no more crystals were formed, the water was again distilled off and the salty oil was obtained, as before. You should be aware that this Oleum Salis is the gold and when finely dispersed and dissolved that it is the water contained in all metals. It is also able to extract the sulfur from all metals and to serve as a medicine for men and metals.

The tincture is made as follows: 70 grams of the above Oleum Salis and 10 grams of finely pulverized gold give a yellow solution in water and yield 30 grams of the sweet crystals. The glass container is carefully sealed and set in a warm place until coagulation takes place and a hand material is formed. This hard material is then finely pulverized and put in a glass container which is then set in a steam bath, until the soft oil which is formed soon hardens. Distillation of this product from a steam bath until no more fumes come off and the material flows like wax, indicates that the product is finished. This amounts to 10grams, which make up to 1 mark of fine silver. While still hot, and allowing to flow together for a good half hour and then pouring into a tin container, the result is genuine natural gold, which God created and put in the earth, tested and true, which aquafort can never attack and which never does damage to antimony glass, and is never damaged by experimentation of any sort.

Note also that the Waldenburger flask must be well coated with a good luting material and subsequently carefully dried, otherwise it will break apart, so that the flask will not be preserved and the vapor will secretly be lost and the Oleum Salis will be greatly weakened, so that the Quintessence of the live mercury will be drawn of and lost. This is prevented as follows: Taking 1 pound of sublimed mercury, finely powdered and put into a well-luted flass flask, covered over with the above Oleum Slais and stoppered well, and heated 8 days, until the mercury is separated by distilling from the Oleum Salis. By heating very strongly the mercury, the residue in the glass becomes melted. After the fire is removed and the flask cooled, crystals form on the walls of the container. This is the Quintessence.

The very fragile gold is also extracted from the tincture as follows: Taking 70 grams of Quintessence, made from the clear crystals, as noted above, and dissolving it in 40 grams of Oleum Salis, and adding a solution of 10 grams of finely pulverized gold dissolved in 70 grams of Oleum Salis, gave a product which was then treated with 10 grams of sal ammoniac and allowed to stand until all of it dissolved. The resulting solution was poured into a well-luted glass-stoppered flask and a distillation apparatus was attached to the flask. The material was distilled until dry and the dry residue was sublimed, at which time the Quintessence appears as red, and then blue, material. After cooling, the proceeding is identified as gold, the Quintessence. The dry product was allowed to stand on a glass plate in a warm spot until a red oil flows out. When the oil hardens, as was the case with earlier tinctures, then one part of this material was added to 10 parts of mercury, and when heated until fumes form, it becomes hard and is pure gold, which passes all tests for the same, for which God will eternally be praised and thanked, as He was also in the case of all other metals.

The adhesive material used to coat the retort and the glass flask: Take the viscous adhesive material, which is neither sandy or gritty, moisten it with the water in which it had earlier been paced, add a handful of finely pulverized tartar, mixed with hair, horse manure, and common slat, until the adhesive material is very sticky. Pay careful attention that no sand or other impurities are included; store it under a retort or other glass vessel to become thoroughly dry before use or before setting near a fire.

Mystery of Mysteries ~

Here begins one of the great mysteries of Nature, wherein are to be found great works of wonder. So say that philosophers and also the wise people of the world as well, about these Seeds: "Do you not know when you work in this way with metals that a heavenly influence according to one of God’s ordinances has been spoken to man and blends with earthly characteristics? When, now, the two happen in conjunction with each other, then an earthly pattern is formed, which underlies the origin and seeds of all metals”. When such a lack of understanding shall be stated that in the air there is a slat from which all creatures originate and grow and can be supported, without which nothing can take place and that one can, by the heat of the sunshine on the open field, one can obtain a beautiful white salt in all rooms and living quarters of his house and, furthermore, in salt free water in appropriate amounts, with which wonders can be accomplished, without doubt one can laugh defiantly and say about the whole matter: "This is very foolish talk, for nothing is accomplished by it and either of us would be a fool, since it is contrary to the truth when one wishes to proceed thereby":

Take a perfectly round reflecting mirror, a weighing scale of proper size and depth so that the rays of the sun can be focused on a spot in the middle, then set up this mirror when the sun is giving of its hottest rays, under a cloudless sky; and allow it to stand several days, removing it at night, and protected from the wind and rain, and then a beautiful white salt forms in the middle of the mirror, which is shaved off by means of a knife in a clean glass and collected, in a short period of time it can amount to several ounces and then increase both in appearance and weight, and in this salt all 4 elements are found, from the air it has become conceivable when set in the sun’s heat that it flows like water, the fire brings out the taste, and when allowed to stand for a long period of time in decaying matter, it turned blood-red like a fiery red ruby.

The water is allowed to stand in the hot sunshine in an open field or at home is a glass with an average fire under it, and then set in the hot sand, so the heat will draw the air into itself, and added to the coldwater in the glass. This water was then increased to a good amount and serves the Philosopher as his vinegar or solvent. This water also contains the 4 elements. From air it is turned into water. On concentrating by boiling, it turns into a fiery-red ruby. This water can be made to assume either a soft or hard form at will. And again it can serve as a very fine medicine for all sorts of illnesses. So, it is prepared for itself alone, or it can become the great Elixir of Nature (the secret remedy), which God Himself has ordained. Made by putrefaction and distillation, it will thus take effect more quickly and with it you can accomplish great wonders, as suits your pleasure.

The Testing of This Salt ~

Take half an ounce of this salt and add 3 parts of water. Then pour it into a vial and set it in very warm water, where the salt will melt as ice does in water. Allow it to evaporate to about half of its original volume. Put the remaining volume in a clean glass flask and set it in a cold place. Then separate the completely white, transparent crystals which form, which melt as soon as they are allowed to warm up. The crystals are beautiful and sweet, and are placed in a silver dish and set on a sand bath. The gold leaf or silver leaf will now dissolve, so that one does not see anything remaining. This is the real Aurum Potabile (potable gold) and it can be used I very small dosages for all types of sickness, and even more, it will take care of everything better than a person would believe possible.

Now For Particular Effects ~

Now take the gold, purified by the use of antimony and beat it as thin as possible or let it be put through a gold-beater to obtain as thin a gold leaf as possible, or as desired, and then add the crystallizing solution and then pulverize as much of it as desired. Then set it in a warm ash bath, whereupon the gold radical will dissolve, as will the silver. When the gold or silver has dissolved in the crystallizing water, then allow the solution to set in a dark place for 3 days. The glass flask must be well luted. Coagulation of a salt will then take pace in the flask and afterwards the solidified salt will again be added to water, as much as is deemed adequate. The gold is now in solution and will be blood-red, while the silver will be sky-blue. Then 1/2 pound or one pound of mercury is taken, or in any desired amount, after which there is much of the noble water. It is then poured onto the mercury, so that the latter is covered over to a depth of 2 or 3 fingers. As a result of this, the mercury will dissolve in the water. After solution, in which the gold is also dissolved, the mercury will be precipitated by a few more drops, added one after the other, and so will settle on the bottom. After decanting off the aqueous layer, then take up the mercury remaining as a residue and then drive it off from the lead, and as a result you will have the highest yield of gold that you can have, while in the ferment of silver, you have the most finely divided silver that can be seen by the naked eye. This is the uncontradicted truth that, as a matter of fact, even in this aqueous solution of gold, the copper, tin, and lead can be transmuted into gold, while the ferment of silver yields only silver.

Now to the Principal Work ~

Now take the aqueous solution of gold and the gold after 7 purifications and gradually add 3 times the amount of water necessary to fix the gold. Then place the well-luted flask in a bath or even in a kettle of warm water for the period of one month. It will then be as black as black velvet. Then take the flask from the water and set it in a warm ash bath. Then it will become white and fixed in a month. Then allow it to stand for 14 days after which the resulting stone will have a bright red color in a strong fire, like a ruby, and will be transparent. Moreover, if you have God’s blessing, you will be able to accomplish by this technique a work which scarcely one person in 10,000 will believe.

Note well, this great work shall be kept secret to the end by the pledged word, so that it does not fall into unworthy hands, even if it requires overlooking a lot of misfortune and distress.

Your everlastng enlargement is also: One dram poured out of its own water, that is to say, water of crystallization, 2 parts, allowed to stand 8 days in lukewarm water, then in hot water for an additional 8 days, then in even hotter water for a third stage, and even a fourth stage, until a stone is formed. The more often the heat is increased, the nobler the stone will be. In ths way, the process can be increased forever, for which yoou should love God and also help the poor.

Note well, that the process described here, if allowed to fall into unworthy hands, will lead to nothing important at all.