Sendivogius ~ Epistles to the Rosicrucian Society

XXXVII --- The Use of the Practice is this. First, as to a medicine for animals, dissolve one grain of the simple Stone in 100 grains of that mercury wherewith the Stone is made, or in any other liquor or convenient vehicle according to the present condition of the disease, and the temperament of the patient, giving a due potion of such liquors with one grain of dissolved Stone. But if the stone has been once multiplied, then one grain of it must be dissolved in a thousand grains of such a convenient liquor; if twice multiplied, in ten thousand grains of liquor, and so on.

Second, as to the transmutation of metals, take one part of the simple Stone and ten parts of the said Mercury, not of the vulgar; or of the once multiplied Stone one part, and one  hundred parts of the same Mercury, or lastly one part of twice multiplied Stone and a thousand part of the said Mercury. Set them to dry, first in a gentle fire, then stronger and stronger till it acquires the consistency of stone. And such imbibitions and dessications repeat until one part of the Stone converts ten parts of common mercury, twenty of lead, thirty of tin, fifty of copper, and lastly one hundred of silver, into perfect gold if the Stone be for gold. But half of the part, or thereabouts, of the said proportions of those metals, if the Stone be for silver.

But if you should want a sufficient quantity of the aforesaid Mercury, then you can degrade the Stone with common Mercury in the following manner. Project one part of this simple or multiplied Stone upon ten parts of heated common mercury, and you shall have a powder of the same nature as the Stone, but of a lesser virtue and efficacy. All of this powder project again upon one hundred parts of the same common mercury, and again project this powder upon one thousand part of the same common mercury. And if then the powder grows moist, dry it with fire, and it will remain a powder, which lastly you can project upon the aforesaid metals, keeping the same proportion.

This is now the universal and most exact Theory and Practice of the Stone.