Jacob Juran ~ Hyle and Coahyl

Take common rainwater, a good amount, at least ten quarts, keep it well sealed in glasses for at least ten days, and it will deposit matter and feces at the bottom. Pour off the clear liquid and put it in a wooden vessel that is made round like a ball, cut it off in the middle and fill the vessel a third full, and set it in the sun at noon in a secret and secluded spot.

When that is done, take a drop of the consecrated red wine [containing the Stone in solution] and let it fall into the water, and you will immediately see a fog and thick darkness on top of the water, such as had also been at the first Creation. Now pour in two drops and you will see the light coming forth from the darkness. Thereupon, pour in every half of each hour first three, then four, then five, then six drops, and then no more, and you will see with your own eyes one thing after another on top of the water, how God created all things in six days, and how that came to pass, and such secrets as are not to be revealed and which I also do not have the power to reveal. Let your eyes be the judge; for thus the world was created... By this you will see the secrets of God, which now are hidden from you as from a child. You will understand what Moses wrote about Creation. You will see what kind of body Adam and Eve had before and after the Fall, what the snake was, what the tree, and what kind of fruits they ate, where and what Paradise is, and in what bodies the just will resurrect --- not in this one that we have received from Adam but in that which we receive through the Holy Ghost, namely, such a one as our Savior brought from Heaven...

Still more than that: If you take your Stone at every full moon, when it is above the horizon where you are, and step aside in a garden, and you take a little pure rainwater, as you did in the first operation, and you drop some of the white wine in it, just as you did with the red --- immediately a vapor will rise in a peculiar way toward the circle of the moon. If you do this at every moon in due course, there is no philosopher in the horizon where you are living and who has knowledge of the Stone as well as its use, who does not also go out at the same time, seeking in the East and West, the North and South. When he finds such an appearance (as he will soon see), he will now that this is done by an artist, or someone else, who would like to get acquainted with those who know just this art, and he will answer you in the same manner as you have done. In this way you will recognize those who know the use of the Stone.

To meet your philosophical society, do as follows: Rub your temple with the White Stone at night, and pray earnestly to recognize who he is. Put three freshly picked laurel leaves under your head, and set your imagination on him who you desire to recognize, and go to sleep in this way. When you awaken, you will immediately remember the face of the person, his name and the place where he stays. If you do not wish to go to him, he will come to you; for he will perhaps think that you do not know this secret. The cause of this happening is this: the universal spirit of the Air, which is locked in the Stone, causes it.

In this way, you can get to know all scholars in the world, who will seem to you more like beggars than wise people, and who will perhaps teach you more than I am able to or have done here, for, truly, all things that are natural can thereby be brought about, such things as can hardly be described in a big book.