von Suchten on Paracelsus

Now will I briefly recapitulate to you the whole process: Take first thy golden Man, thy red Adamic earth. For this earth is the middle nature between Mercury and metals, and the third composed of the same principles, Quicksilver and Sulphur. By noiseless metallic liquefaction of this earth the matter of its metallic ore acquires, virtues, and properties of the aforesaid principles, so that from it may be generated each and every metal, according to diversity of digestion; and to it is there nothing wanting but purification and complete digestion. This Red Adam lay in a warm bath that he may go to sleep. If he will not fall asleep, give him a good, strong, sleeping draught of his saturated liquor, which he loves to drink. Then, during his sleep, cut open his right side that the fair white woman, concealed within him, may come forth. When, now, this maiden has become marriageable, bring her to Adam --- lying on his bed and sick with love --- as his bed and sick with love --- as his daughter, sister, and wife. Whereupon Adam will know the woman, and she will become pregnant. Take then this pregnant woman --- letting the man go --- and guard her well for ten months, until the day of her parturition. She will then bear her first-born son, whom she has conceived from her father’s spirit, a young spiritual Adam, to whom no other man is equal in deeds and miracles, who --- if daily fed with his young mother’s milk --- when he reaches man’s estate, will subdue all his brethren, will deliver them from death, and bring them to eternal death, and bring them to eternal joy in the kingdom of Honour, in which all creatures under heaven will rejoice with joy unspeakable. And, finally, the whole world will become full of gold, and pearls, and precious stones. For Solomon’s vineyard bears him 1000, and to those that keep the fruit thereof, 200.