Lacinius on the Epistle of Raymondus.

Notes of Lacinius on the Epistle of Raymondus.

Make a water out of vitriol, saltpeter, and cinabrium. Sublime one pound of this water with half-a-pound of cinabrium three times, always adding fresh cinabrium. Then rectify it by itself that it may be well purified.

Take that pure water, and mix with it as much actuated vegetable water with its sublimed earth; mix them gradually and carefully, and let them stand in a well-sealed vessel for 24 hours. Then distill all the water in a bath; pour it on again, and distill again, till the mineral spirit is well united to the vegetable spirit, and you will see them lying at the bottom like a piece of ice.

Pour away the distilled water since we need it no more. The strength of the ice, or spirit, you can intensify by repeated distillations in the bath, with more water. Put one pound of aqua fortis over one ounce of that salt --- do the same with the water of life, which must be highly rectified, and you can increase the potency of the ice, or rather fire, almost indefinitely.

Take of this ice one pound, pound it with one ounce of volatile Sol, reduced to the nature of a spirit, by the mediation of menstrual water conformed to its nature. Now this water, which volatilizes the Stone, is not really water of life.

But when you have gold or silver thus volatile or foliate, the same is disposed for dissolving or uniting with the ice. Distill for eight days in the bath, and the whole is dissolved into a liquid of a golden colour; make it circulate for 20 days in a double vessel; it will then coagulate as a ruby-coloured Stone; distil, dissolve, and coagulate, and you have the Medicine.