Earth resonant frequency

[...] during the early days of World War II [...] radar spotters picked up the echoes of distant aircraft by listening through giant earphones instead of watching blips on flourescent screens, as is done today. The crews frequently reported hearing whistles of no known cause. Eventually, research reported in Scientific American found an ionized layer in the upper atmosphere that filters radio waves selectively in the 7.5-cycle-per-second band, and apparently reflects them back to Earth, bringing them to a focus at the antipodes.

When lightning strikes, a broad band of radio waves is emitted, to be heard as static in unfiltered radio sets. The 7.5-cycle-per-second band is filtered from lightning discharging at the other side of the world and brought by the Schumann Layer to a focus 180 degrees distant, where the radar spotters heard the filtered static as whistles.

To military engineers, the 7.5-cycle-per-second frequency possesse two properties of great value. The Schumann Layer guides this wavelength all around the world without losing signal strength, like light between two mirror. This wavelength also penetrates water. The United States Navy realized that this was the frequency needed to keep in constant communication with its nuclear submarine fleet, constantly ranging beneath the surface of the world's oceans, and so it constructed a worldwide radio network broadcasting on the 7.5 Hz band, called the Sanguine Project - later extended for civilian shipping as the Omega Navigation System.

The striking property of the 7.5-cycle-per-second radio wave is that it is exactly 25,000 miles long. A wave broadcast at this frequency will expand in a growing circle until it is as long around as the equator, and then contract until it cones to a focus at the antipodes. At the other side of the world, it reverses phase and direction, expanding again to girdle the globe before returning to another focus at its exact point of origin. The loop of this wave arrives at its point of origin exactly in time to coincide with its own following wave. This means that only a single wave exists at any time, and that the wave encompasses the whole world. The entire planet beats electromagnetically at this frequency, like a cosmic heart. The 7.5-cycle-per-second frequency is the fundamental period of surface resonance of the global crystal.

[...]esla knew there is a powerful voltage between the Earth and the upper atmosphere; this is what causes lightning to discharge from the Earth to the sky. When an antenna is raised, this voltage climbs it, in a gradient to be concentrated at the tip. Any fluctuation in the natural voltage between Earth and sky generates a flow of electricity in the antenna. This is how a radio receiver works.

In radio's early days, the current generated in the receiving antenna was fed into a resonating circuit that would filter out the wavelength of the broadcasting station to which it was tuned and amplify the signal until it had enough energy to actuate earphones.

Tesla figured that the Earth would filter out its resonant frequency, amplify the current by its resonance, and function as a capacitor in a circuit as big as the entire planet. He pumped an electric current into the Earth, and tuned to a precise harmonic length of the Earth's resonant frequency. As he expected, the electric wave traveled to the antipodes and bounced back in time to coincide with its own following wave, doubling its amplitude. After repeated amplification in this manner, the electric energy burst from the top of Tesla's pyramidal tower to illuminate the entire countryside with the most spectacular artificial lightning storm ever seen. The surge melted the wiring in all the power generators serving the whole county. No one would supply Tesla with electricity after that.

Undaunted by superabundant success, Tesla continued his experiments to prove that when his antenna was pumping electric waves into the Earth, a standing-wave pattern was generated in the planet's geo-electromagmetic structure. At precise degree intervals, or harmonic fractions thereof, all Tesla had to do was drive a metal rod into the ground and plug in the electric frying pan, hair dryer, or washing machine.

[...]It was Nikola Tesla who electrified the world with alternating current. To the end of his life, Tesla dreamed of recycling all those unsightly high-voltage electric power transmission towers and replacing them with broadcast power generated and received through the Earth. But if power could be tapped from the Earth, how would Consolidated Edison - General Electric - Standard Oil bill you for it?

If we can all communicate on Pyramid Power, where does Ma Bell cut in? When he died in New York City on a winter night in 1943, Tesla was alone in a hotel room, possessing little more than when he had arrived as an immigrant with four cents in his pockets. The Secret Service immediately sealed his room, and whatever papers he had were transferred to government vaults, where they remain to this day.

[Source: T. B. Pawlicki - How to Build a Flying Saucer And Other Proposals in Speculative Engineering, chapter 2: This Crystal Planet - How to Create a Worldwide Communications Network - Still Using Bronze Age Technology]